Team Aerial Combo Trick/Quirk

Forgive me as this has probably been mentioned before. I’ve just never seen it anywhere though so I figured I’d share in case anybody finds it interesting.

If all 3 characters are alive, you can get the game to act as if only 2 are by:

use an assist (The assist may have to be part of the combo - I haven’t tested it thoroughly or anything)
start a combo but make sure you launch the character BEFORE the assist leaves the screen. If you launch after the assist has already returned then it won’t work.

When you do the team aerial combo, the person you assisted with won’t help out. Instead when you do it a second time it will return your point character back just like it does when you have only 2 characters left.

I used sentinel’s drones as an assist and Zero on point when I was messing about.

so basically,while the assist you called out is in “cool down”,the game only will allow you to exchange between 2 characters.

just something else

if you land a launcher, you can do

down aerial exchange>on success, do an immediate aerial exchange again - must be down aerial exchange. if it works you’ll get combo, if not, the “burst” that is suppose to knock you back whiffs and they fall down next to you. however they have invincibility for a while… might be useful still

Does this apply to team hypers as well?