Team Anyone?


I would like to make a team like team PIE or EMP where a bunch of NYC players can train either online or maybe at my house depends on how many people are on the team to represent a great bunch of people who can give team PIE or whoever’s left in EMP a run for their money I main Fei long i’m just looking for good players who are down for a team & whip up on team PIE because who likes them anyway lol feel free to add me on XBL OG Swiizy if you have any questions comments or concerns


i wish i could team up with some folk here in Sacramento,…

im on at early morning hours west coast time…add me if no one steps up for training at least


wht’s your gt?


please use the new york thread in regional matchmaking for this sort of thing

most of us here in the sf4 section don’t live in new york