Team attack powaaaar!

so, the team tournament got me thinking, what combinations of characters do you think are best/worst.

unfortunately I wont be able to participate but I have been playing random team battle mode online.

top combinations
wolf/wolf: double laser spam w/bayonet assist.
pit/ike, bowser/ike, fox/ike, falco/ike. pretty much any character that can hold the opponent in place and let ike deliver the killing blow.

If team attack isn’t on, it’s not a tournament for 2v2 :lol:

Top tier idea nonethelesss, it works better in Brawl because lucas is so good.

My brother and I like Bowser/Ganon Falco/Wolf, or any mixup of those chars.

I hate team attack, you might as well be playing FFA. :rofl:

As for good teamups, Marth and Ike is effing strong, as is Meta Knight and Ike. Meta can easily hold them for an F-Smash, Eruption, whatever you wanna do to kill them ridiculously early.

TA on makes you choose your fucking spots tho. Can’t just whail on that lazer spam unless you wanna fuck your teammate up.

Bowser/D3 = Team King Fatties, one rolls you up the other lights you up. They both smoke you.

Serious, D3 has dat chain grab and bowser has a top grab game (not throwing but as for actually grabbing the oppenent) get stuck in between them. Bowser’s grab and flame breath have the ability to trap asses and D3 slides in with just as much KO power and and or projectiles (those waddles, lol) Jet hammer KOs at around 17% on a mid weight like character, Bowser can build up to around 40-50 with his flame breath alone. D3’s inhale to a Bowser spamming some FABs is just assholish

Well, team attack makes 2v2 tournaments more skill based, as you can’t just throw out your strongest moves and hope for the best. That’s my opinion though; nothing says “step up your game kid” more than accidentally fsmashing your partner :lol:

Ike + meta is godly. seriously. I was amazed someone beat me to it.

wtf so team attack on is tourney normal, that seems really lame…

Mr. Game and Watch & Zelda seems like a strong combo, for one reason: Oil Panic.

Dream Teams

Zelda and Snake…the rushdown potential is insane…set-up with snake and co-sign with zelda

ZSS and Falco…they work well together

Ike and Pikachu…Great thunda!!!

Toon Link and Meta…sword…

pit and snake/olimar team keep away

pit and kirby team “I believe I can fly”

Marth/Ike team Fire emblem

First off, I hate team attack. Second of all my main character the IC’s, do pitiful in team and FFA battles.

My friend and I do Mario/G&W.

But most people agree that Lucas fits well into most teams.

Who said in a 2v2? My friends are just jerks and fight only me in a free for all :rofl:

ugh, can’t think of anything now

Team Attack is basically always on if you or your teammate is Snake.


With team attack off there are potentially way to many infinites and abusable strategies.

For instance, one person can grab an opponent and the other can do a rapid A combo to keep them locked in infinitely, or one player can grab/do any attack that keeps the enemy immobile like rapid A combos/Pit’s >B/MK tornado, and the partner can do something like Falcon punch or another big damage, big radius move like Warlock punch, Snake Fsmash, PK fire, Lucas Usmash, etc. without any risk to their partner. Grab > partner attack combos can still be done with team attack on, but spacing is much tigher so as you don’t hurt your partner, and you can’t hit with big radius moves like explosions and whatnot.

Also, projectiles become too good with team attack off, since you can shoot thru your opponent. If you have two characters with good projectiles, on a team like Pit/Falco, they can just camp at one edge of the stage and spam projectiles and make it near impossible to approach. Also, you can projectile through your partner and make their approach impossible to defend against. Using the same Pit/Falco team Falco could SH blaster through Pit as Pit does his >B, making it impossible to go above or roll through Pit’s attack.

Basically, with team attack off there isn’t much defensive strategy, it’s just spamming whatever high priority/damage moves you can and hoping you do more damage quicker than the other team. Moves that are laggy and punishable normally can become 100% safe with your teammate attacking through your hitbox.

With team attack on it also allows you to work more closely with your partner. For example, Lucas/Ness can use their teammate’s projectiles to heal themsevles with PSI magnet. You can also save your opponent from not making it back to the stage if their upB falls short by hitting them with a weak attack such as a projectile to give them their UpB back. You have to be more careful so as not to hit your opponent, but it adds more layers of strategy. If you’re just throwing out random attacks hoping they’ll hit, it’s a lot less skilled.

Also, Ganondorf moves up quite a bit in teams.

Lucas and pt!!!
If you don’t know add me and have a partner ready cuz the team attack is on.

We are a really good team and will have turney vids up soon on youtube.


It is that good!!!

Team evo010

Donkey Kong and Zero Suit Samus.

Samus holds the opponent with DSmash or NeutralB, while DK delivers the Donkey Punch (or headbutt into donkey punch).

That also works with any character’s grab.

Grab combos were a big part of Melee teams, but with grabs being easier to break out of it’s really only useful at high % to get the kill. Typical combo with most teams is, grab > Uthrow into the other character’s aerial.

Also, footstool jump is very useful in teams. You can footstool your teammate out of a potential death blow. Timing is tricky, but it works. Other methods include hitting them with a weak attack/projectile, or sometimes just being in their path works as hitting you can reduce their knockback by just enough to survive.

That’s what makes 2V2 matches using team attack on so much fun; there’s a whole lot more strategy involved in keeping your teamate alive/assisting them.

I love playing 2V2 matches, it’s a lot of fun IMO.

G&W can be a great partner due to his Uair and his bucket. His Uair can help keep his partners alive because the wind pushes them up. Pit can also be a good team player because of his magic shield; I’ve blocked attacks from Giga Bowser with that shit.