Team Avs: Why the hate?

I don’t see anything wrong with them. Some say lack of creative space, or artistic direction. It personally doesn’t matter to me, as long as i can work with it, it’s all good. Honestly, I’d rather see a well done team av (kyosuke87, viciousslash, come to mind… ), rather than a trend-whored half-assed av (after the foshizzle dynasty… ).

What gives?

for me i just prefer not to do them…

my 2 reasons…

1 - i love animation and in some cases i shrink the boarder and or chars to fit in more animation… shrinking sux with multiple chars… just don’t look right

b - i hate to crowd backgrounds… team scrub takes up hella space and the bg is pretty much gone after that…

those are my views… i don’t hate… just prefere not to do em…

They do sorta block out the bg depending on the size of the characters, maybe hides to much of the artists talent but other than that i see it as a matter of preference rather than hate.

to me it was because team avs are, and were a common occurence. ultimately, blocking creativity has nothing to do with it, because you can make anything creative and original. i just generally stray away from the stuff everyone else works with. that’s all.

me being creative and original is one of my only advantages around here(in reference to those here, including myself, with experience).

i was seeing lots of sprite avs, so i went to human avs. then i was seeing lots of human avs, then i went to objects, animals, and creatures. i like to “1-up” or move before everyone else does.

Only good thing about them is that I don’t have to make a pretty background for it; It wont be seen, any ways.
They’re usally teams I hate.

I have no problem with em’… justs makes it easier by not making the background looking good…

Because you’re basically using someone else’s work for 75% of the av.


but sometimes team avatars just get annoying…:mad:

what is the purpose of sprite ripping, other than “collecting” ?

For people like me, its more of a study. I learn as I rip. Best way to develope your skills, other than actual practice.

Unless there is something special going on, the limited space does not allow for creativity.

But its cool if you use someone elses work for only 25% of the av right?


they take a bit too much space dont you think?

(i.e. Sentinal, Strom, Psylocke)


no, they don’t. People use that as a cop-out. you don’t have to use all of the sprite.

Re: .

wou’ld say its always a cop out… i just hate to crowd a bg… it really depends on the sprites in use…

so Blodia… what are you alluding to?
you want to see people making team avs again?

Who says hes alluding to anything?

Can’t inquiring minds inquire?

I’m merely questioning why it was an issue in the first place.

sure they can.


D-feeted. [/inside joke]