Team Beam!

ok… came up with something… it’s pretty cool, and funny b/c i found a use for BB.


get 3 meters, with cable do c.short, s.strong, s.fierceX5~triple super

it will kill any carachter, maybe not sent but so far it will kill any carachter with full life.

it’s hard to hit it on some small ppl though like servbot, any megaman bots, etc.

cable aaa
IM beam assist
BB aaa

if ur cable dies, bb’s aaa can launch up for IM to do infinite.

with cable just poke to death to build meter and throw IM assist to push and chip away, if they get close, bb’s aaa should work.

just thought i’d put my 2 centz… l8tz

another one i’ve seen is Juggernaut, BB Cable.

you can combo in the Hunting super with BB Hood off of some combo i dunno what, but basically you do the combo and instead of qcf + 2 p, you do the team super.

the trick is always to choose a super that stays on the screen the longest, thats why glitched jugg is a good choice, because the damage + the long length of the headcrush gurantees a kill. two kills if their assist on the screen too.

but triple team super teams suck because they rely on the triple super to make or break the game. and if you whiff or whatever ure screwed.

on the IM,BB Hood team it’s better for BB Hood to have the projectile assist, IM can combo it into his infinite also it goes like:

IM on point: lp+BB Hood(projectile assist),,d.lp(BB’s assist hits) then go into the inf.

and besides the projectile is quit fast and when it hits and your opponent doesn’t roll otg into proton cannon

BBH can combo her ‘Cool Hunting’ super(qcf+2p) from:
heck you can even otg combo it:when opp. is down into her super


A decent team combination would be BB Hood, IM and Ruby Heart [AAA]. For some reason Ruby Heart’s ship does more damage because the opponent is closer to the ground so the heavier cannon balls [invisible but you can see them firing somewhat on her ship]. Only problem is that if the opponent blocks only BB Hood and IM will be doing their hits since Ruby needs to hit at least once in order to unleash the volley of cannons.

Other Decent Team Beams

BB Hood /IM/ Blackheart [AAA]
BB Hood /WM/ IM

Well what I do with my team(BB Hood/Dr Doom/Iron Man) is DHC to kill the opponent. Have BB Hood as main then lp,lk, front HK, Cruel Hunting then DHC to Super Photon Array, then DHC to Proton Cannon. Of course it won’t kill the character if you don’t time the DHC right but it isn’t hard at all. Just wait till the super is over then DHC into the next super. Plus Dr Doom(AA) is included in the team so she has her best partner she can have with her.

ironman AAA assist is better than the beam unless you’re using it to lockdown.

Also another way to get into the infinite is s.Hk plus BB Hood (Projectile) SJ, down Hp but not to fast after the launch then when you are coming down up hp. It can also be done in the corner with Doom AA and for both of the setups in the corner you down have to worry about timing with the down Hp after the SJ. Also after a grab(Hp) in the corner with Iron Man you can also do a lk+BB Hood Projectile, down Hk sj dash down front lp,up Hp but it is hard sometimes but alittle bit stylish.