Team Beast brings you... Marvel vs Capcom 2 Extra Achievements

Updated 10/16/10

I have posted these 1 or 2 times in random threads, but I will most likely making a new achievement video weekly so I wanted a nice clean thread for them.






Also, the other part is I need help coming up with new ideas for these. If you can think of any concepts or things you would like to see, please post in here.

Please, no ideas for things the opponent would do ie 3 rage quits in a row or make him say you suck. I need things that are in my control

Videos will most likely be posted every saturday until I run out of ideas.

The goal is to do these in ranked matches, right?

yes, ranked only. player match doesn’t count.

One of my favorite personal achievements. Beat opponent with just throws. This is hard because sometimes people hold up and get hit, so you can go for it a few times and still fail.

Hard mode: No Spiral.

I’ve completed this achievement with Spiral, Bonerine and Ken. One of the hardest “stupid things I do on online Marvel” things I’ve done though.

–Jay Snyder

I’ll try that one.

with commando, haha

hey DS try beating someone with only special moves

I would say do one with only assists, but you did that with your 1 button achievement.

KO all 3 opponents characters with Lv3 supers? That would force you to use some really interesting characters.

Tag only with DHC would be too easy.

I have no idea.

I first started doing these with SFIV in player matches just to mess around and get a good laugh (especially when I share a laggy connection with another player). So, to add to the already fun suggestions with a mix of MvC2 finesse:

-Beat an opponent with only sweeps
-Beat an opponent using only light strength attacks (light punch/kick)
-Beat an opponent using only Variable Attacks (tag-outs) …OR deal the finishing blow to every character on their team with a VA
-Kill two of their characters as assists in 1shot (e.g., Team Vidkill THC, Cable + 3bars, Strider/Doom, etc)
-Kill at least one of their characters after a launch with only re-launch mix-ups (e.g., same side relaunch, walk under relaunch, ambiguous side relaunchers)
-Beat an opponent with only 1 special/super move without hitting them with any other form of attack (e.g., dragon punch, fireball, hail, hell sentinel force, raging demon, sonson monkey super, etc)
-Initiate all attack strings with lows and follow up with only lows to end the combo after knockdown (so only low kicks allowed, but assists can be incorporated as well being that this is MvC2…so dash up with Mag, then, + Psy, juggle/otg, …end…repeat)
-Get life lead early in match and run away to win by time out (must have ran away for at least 45 of the 99s time clock)
-Combo the opponent from dash under x-ups only (e.g., when they jump at you, after you launch them, when they are coming on-screen, after getting hit up by assist, etc)
-Combo the opponent from jump-ins only

Will save some other ideas for rainy days. have fun! :lovin:

I love the numbering on achievement 15 :smiley:

No stick use is a good one.

“Beat opponent through fly mode.” Any attack (normal, special, super, or assist) must be made while you’re in fly mode.

Fly/Unfly shenanigans encouraged :tup: as long as you don’t attack while in unfly.
No DHC from a super landed during fly mode.

Yea I like the sound of that lv3 super one, but with a twist. Your team has to all have a lv3 super . So the challenge would be in building enough meter, not losing a character before they land a lv 3, landing a lv3 with each character, and still win the match. the characters that i can think of that have lv3s are
evil sakura
shuma gorath

win with <5 hit combos… oh wait this isnt GG

I’m trying to do this one: Achieve the sluttiest win pose possible. My team is Rogue, Cammy, Felicia, and I’m trying to get the all booty pose at the end…so far I have only gotten 2/3 :-/

nice thread

Hmm, how about a triple snap? I pulled one off somehow, when someone mashed both assists on my mag and I already had a snap back coming out. Triple snap.

i’ve done assist only.

my bud and I were running through scrubs on PSN trying all kinds of things.

he would win only with mags trijump HK. I would enter mags fly mode, fly low right above them, and just keep doing (you need to leave slight delay so mk doesn’t come out). interesting to see how long until they RQ.

only using IM’s knees.

sabretooth (be sure to throw and scratch a lot :rofl:)

only using sonson’s throw (the funny scratch one where she drops you right next to her for an easy throw again…it’s hilarious…especially when they RQ)

A friend and I play horse on HDREMIX
He will pick gief and idk win with a all 360s then I have to do the same thing.
Or i would pick Honda and win with all sweeps he woul;d have to do the same thing.
We call it “Fishing for scrubs”

So I was so bored in player matches, I came up with a new one:

Run a player room, going undefeated 18 times. The rub is you can’t pick a character twice. On the last match, you can repick any character again as you only have 1 unpicked toon to pick from.

When I came up with this idea, I had gone 6 matches like this. Of course, by the 7th match, I had run out of characters I would be able to use to handle a god tier team played by a scrub. :\

I would love to see one of the elite guys here pull this off.

ooh! nice. ill have to try that. might be hard to remember after a bit, so I might just try going from top to bottom in order. lesee…it’s felicia/megaman/…?

Just print this out and put Xs through whoever you use:

I’d seriously love to watch a youtube vid of this.