Team Beast Vol. 2 Santhrax Pushed to the Limit "Better than Magnetro2k's Video!"

thanks to preppy for hosting the masterpiece.

its finally here. all questions and comments can go in the thread.

I will be taking another request for a team for vol. 3.


I’d rather waste a minute to post and say fuck you than DL your shit attempt at satire.

Better than Magnetro2k’s Video!

some of those work at ffa, they really work. and that MegaDS combo was sick!

Wow, I want my 5 min and 28 seconds back for watching that piece of shit. Nothing but n00b ass resets and cross overs. This is 2005, not 2000. This shit would fly back then but not now.

I dont know what to say. That storm reset was godly though. :clap:

You could have been more obvious, but an original idea.

no he’s serious, that vid was tight. storm reset was so good, i can’t believe you let us see that… shoulda saved it.

ya they do, try it. ill record matches next time and try those.

I got a shout out !!! :encore:

Team Beast :rock:'s

I liked the music too.


worked at evo if u saw my matches :smiley:

where were the fast fly combos and what not…

that video was basic as hell

Give me a neg rep for saying this video is the best EVA


That ‘best storm reset ever’ reset? OMFG TOP TIER. That float DOES have a use!

I liked the heart-shaped screen wipe.

The video was ok. Alot of the stuff was blockable and very televised (obvious) but i dont mean to trash or flame dude. Im not saying the video reflects your skill in any way just really nothin new. All tho i do like that storm force roll reset =D

Godamn that is my favorite Marvel video in a LONGASS time, shit is hilarious! Damn people take this seriously, its such an obvious joke you’re pretty retarded if you dont see that. Lol that shit was TOO funny…

its unblockable, i found it last week. when sent drones hit the feet of the frame they stand, they cant block.

it was serious :sad: is it that bad? :sad:

:rofl: :rofl:

Aw man… that vid was too good. I laughed… alot. LMAO@heart/star swipes!!! Omg and that storm reset? HAHAHAHAHA, I was rolling. Thank you MegaDS for the laughs. :tup:

Nah Ima start coppin that shit, Storm slowfall from the top for 10 sec then low short is GOD tactics, gs sir gs.

Good video danny!