Team Best Friends Forever Advice?

Hey folks, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and started running with Team Best Friends Forever (Wolverine/Akuma/Wesker). It didn’t seem right to put this in any one of the character forums since I’m sort of looking for help with the team in general. Basically just kind of a check to see if I’m doing things right and to see if there’s anything I could improve on in my basic strategy and/or combo damage (I’m kinda working towards reliability over swag right now, but any way to extend my hits/damage is something I’d like to work on).

The assists I’m using are Berserker Slash, Tatsu, and Gun Pop. The tatsu and gun are self-explanatory, but I prefer Berserker Slash since I tend to get more damage out of team hypers from fatal claw than berserker barrage X.

Anyway, my basic strategy with Wolverine is rushing down. I usually approach with divekicks or with the tatsu/berserker slash mixup. To open people up, I either go for said mixup or start up with some crouching lights, which if blocked I can go right into a light berserker slash, kock them away and try again (I’m hesitant to cancel that into berserker charge since I usually drop it there and feel like I’m wasting valuable meter). My go-to combo with Wolverine is:

(Cr. LL St. MH or divekick St. LMLH or tatsu/berserker slash) S sj. MMH drill claw divekick st. H S sj. MMH drill claw fatal claw. It’s the bnb everyone knows but I love how many ways there are to start it.

For Akuma, I feel a bit at a loss sometimes. His zoning doesn’t seem to be too great and my only real approaches are either jumping in behind an air fireball, coming in with an air light tatsu, divekick, or teleporting through stuff. Again, basic strategy is to rush in and try to score a combo off either crouching L or forward M overhead. My best combo with him is:

(possible light air tatsu/air fireball into either Cr. LMH or forward M) S sj. MMH air light demon flip palm land Cr. MH S sj. MMH light air tatsu into either beam hyper or (if spacing is correct) fireball hyper air S land call Wesker beam hyper. I’m probably sacrificing damage somewhere but I have a much easier time landing the air palm than doing an otg divekick.

Wesker’s a little simpler. I can gun into teleport or raw teleport for easy mixups, hopefully landing an air S or cr. L to start a combo. If they jump in, I can air gun loop/air throw, if I can’t open them up I can command throw/kara command throw (if I’m feeling cocky). Usually I can make things pretty safe by canceling into teleports, but I do have some trouble against heavier zoning characters. If things get tricky, Dark Wesker Rises is always available. Here’s my Wesker bnb:

(possible air S) Cr. LMH ghost butterfly teleport L 3H Cr. M St. H cobra strike dash S sj. MMH (either Maximum Wesker of if I have three meters air S land 3H team hyper). Not the swaggiest combo but it does decent damage and is hard to drop.

Anyway, that’s my basic gameplan. Is there anything else I should be doing with this team? I know it’s supposed to be the braindead team but I want to play smart. Unfortunately I don’t have any videos or anything to critique, but this is what I try to do in any given match. My worst matchups tend to be against heavy zoners and people with nasty teleport mixups (looking at you, Trenchcoat Trio). Any advice is more than welcome, and if this is in the wrong place I’d be happy to delete/move it. Thanks in advance, SRK.

Take it to the teammaking thread plz