Team building = back at square 1?

Now that X-factor has taken a hit and DHC glitch is gone completely what is this going to do for team mechanics? Those who choose to remain loyal to their team might see a breakdown in their methology if a large part of their game depended on the glitch or pre-nerf options.

What do you see right now as obvious changes in team mechanics? Now that 1mill+ damage off two meters isnt looking like an option, what does this do?

It seems like UMvC3 did 2 things:
-harder to get free meter
-harder to do free kills

Battery characters like Wesker who now have health decreases? Loss in practicality. Magneto airdash speed nerf and slower disruptor? Weakened zoning, weakened rushdown.

I think the “boost” assist, specifically Morrigan’s darkharmonizer is really going to make her more valuable in a post DHC glitch world where building meter isnt so easy.

Wolverine/Akuma seems all but dead at this point. While characters just bubbling under being pretty good benefit from the top getting shaved a little. I’m expecting to see Storm rise (launch to magic series > LA x2 > Lightning Storm x XFC x Lightning Storm > DHC?)

I’m sure we have only scratched the surface. Things will get interesting this weekend when Wong and Co. get to town.

Good, more interesting this way. Hopefully we’ll find some lesser used characters getting some top tier stuff.

Most people that are still using Storm have been using her to DHC Glitch to Sentinel. With the DHC Glitch gone there’s even less reasons to use her. The top certainly has gotten nerfs (Wesker looks to be practically low tier now) but the new guys all seem very strong and my feeling is that some of them will just slot in as the new top tier. Also according to Floe her new move is like Magneto’s but worse, which gives me the impression that Capcom is determined to make her remain a poor man’s Magneto.

Dantes in good shape imo. A low health Wesker without dhc glitch , a Magneto with nerfed disruptor and no grav loops, and best friends torn to pieces. Having to throw out hammer with more caution is getting off easy.

Well, if there’s any more changes, I don’t think that my team choice of Any character+ Sentinel/Dante duo is going to be any different. I never really relied on the DHC glitch too much. Never had much of a pleasure of doing easy 1 million+ combos with it. I wonder if there are any combos that do that much for so little. Looking at team like Marlinpie’s it seems like he doesn’t have to change too many things in terms of damage with Viper or Magneto (probably going to have to learn the magnetic blast combo or something new).

Since Vergil is confirmed for UMVC3 now. I’m probably going with him as the permanent choice unless Chris/Ammy/Hsien-ko/Storm get some solid buffs. I’m going to need a solid point character that works well with both Sentinel and Dante.

I’ll try out Strider and Rocket Raccoon

In short: Not so much back to square one. More like square two.

Well I sure picked good characters to play lol

The only hit I seen from Wolverine is a speed nerf and beserker slash losing invincibility. Otherwise, his playstyle seems mostly intact from what I saw in the unity stream. I hope to god that Swiss Cheese is not a mash move. That will fuck up how I play him

I still need to see a full list of changes before I can write off Storm. For all I know she got a damage buff and no one noticed

Yo no dante mains have even left any thoughts on him. He coulda been hella nerfed, no one knows yet. I hope not though

The idea that I have to completely change my team is both disheartening as it is welcome. I’m torn between excited to try out all the new things and sad that my regular team probably won’t work as well.

im keeping my old day 1 team (dante/spidey/hsien ko) no matter what happens with them.

i will be making a new team though, and phoenix wright will be at the center of it! maybe vergil too.

Well in all honestly Floe doesnt play Storm, I’d much rather wait and see what AndyOCR, Mike Ross or Justin think of new Storm… and he only played UMvC3 for a very short amount of time. As a matter if fact he tweeted that he was dissappointed with Strider, then 30 minutes later it was “wow I was wrong Strider is insane!”

So I mean, I would take what someone says DAY 1 with a big handful of salt.

On that note, what about Storms push/pull is “worse” than Magnetos push/pull neither seem to hold real blockstun. Magneto can also make them fall from the air, but that wouldnt necessarily make Storm’s worse by having one less option. Storm is also the only character in the game that can call assist from super jump height (hopefully that stays the same) I’m just not getting where one could make the conclusion that Storm’s attack ends up worse than Mags when they both essential zone the character.

None the less, with Magneto getting a speed nerf, and overall tone-down of the top cast, Storm is shaping up to be in a really comfortable spot. Imagine calling a meaty assist and pulling them in for a mixup.

kind of disappointed that magneto’s speed got nerfed, meaning his ROM/hyper grav loop won’t work anymore. I’m a relatively new Mags player who just got comfortable doing those loops and playing the character so to find that out today, I was pretty bummed to say the least. smh but oh well. if magneto’s speed nerf isn’t intact in the final build of the game for whatever reason, he may still have a spot on my Strider team.

I’m not too surprised by this. It feels like they’re trying to make Magneto more of a ‘clever’ character, more cerebral to use; he now has moves that control the opponent’s positioning. This is much more in line with how he’s portrayed in the comics and other media; you don’t see Magneto zipping around at incredible speed to deliver martial arts combos. He uses his mastery of magnetism and its related elements (gravity, etc.) to control the battlefield and turn it against you.

I can see why it’d disappoint those playing him primarily for how effective he is in MvC3 (regular), but I for one am pleased by the change since it makes him behave more closely to his comic, TV, and movie incarnations.

My team is currently Trish, Dante, and ammy

Trish: Been my main since day 1, Staying very loyal to this character until the end. Very doubtful that they nerf her or anything, so I’m not too concerned.

Dante: Bit of concern considering how good he is, Staying loyal to him no matter what, I love his games so watever

Ammy: Honestly only played for the assist, my ammy on point is pretty terrible. Probably going to be dropped for Vergil so i can have Dmc team.

For those of you thinking I’m just another “Dmc douche”. Hell yea, I’m gonna pick the 3 characters that I believe are gonna work well together, Dante and Trish Dhc team combos are pretty much borderline broken already, So why not throw in another option and pick another character thats gonna be stupid just like Dante.

The metagame is surely going to change A LOT without the DHC Glitch and specially with aerial X-Factor. I’m thinking having the hability to fly will be far more valuable now, thanks to aerial X Factor combos.

Ryu sounds like he’s getting all kinds of new moves, hypers, and buffs.

This could get interesting.

As for team building…yes, it’s going to make quite a difference. I, for one, always considered the DHC Glitch. However, the fact that it’s not there will make teams a bit more unique, I think.

I didn’t think the DHC glitch was worth making a team over in the first place. Replacing Wesker with Vergil for sure. That’s about it for me…

What do you mean how you play him? Do you mash out your inputs? lol. And his divekick was being punished by everything under the sun! Totally not as safe as it once was.

I’m in exactly the same position, pretty much. I’m sticking with my Viewtiful Joe / Amaterasu / Chris Redfield team regardless of what happens to them. More likely than anything Joe and Chris will get some improvements and Amaterasu will stay roughly the same. Not really a big deal.

I’m actually interested in enough new characters that I want to make an entirely separate team using the newcomers. That team being Firebrand / Rocket Raccoon / Frank West. I love the way Firebrand’s gameplay looks already, and Rocket Raccoon is definitely the type of oddball character that I love to play in these games. Frank West is the one character missing from the original roster that I really wanted to return since he was on my main team in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Viewtiful Joe / Frank West) so naturally I’m wanting to pick him up again.

I really don’t know for sure, tho’. I still have to see Rocket’s gameplay and how Frank West has changed from Tatsunoko. I see myself doing a lot of experimentation with those six characters and how they work with each other, so I might have a totally different main team depending on how fun the newcomers are to play in comparison to the veterans with their changes. I’m excited to hop back into the lab.