Team Building Balance

Team Building Balance

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TvC character type classes are split in height, agility…this game doesn’t have character specific weight.

Shorties or lights the only shorties in this game are roll, Viewful Joes, Rockman, Zero. Zero is a odd shorty he doesn’t fall out of combos but with some characters IAD J.C to 5A will whiff cause of his height. Most of the shorties moves are fast and have 5 frame startup for most of them.

Mediums These make up most of the cast, Medium have decent frames on their normals and decent speed.

Heavies: Heavies are the strong powerful characters the heavies in TvC are Souki, Saki, Tekkeman, Tekkeman Blade, Doronjo, Alex.

Big Boys!! These are the two giants in the game G.Lightan and PTX.

Team building
Coming soon…
Everyone drop your input on how to build a balanced team. I was going to do the write up butI was thinking getting the whole community input is so much better. I’ll take the info I receive and place them in the OP.

The team of PTX-40A is pretty balanced.

Shoot guns and afraid of nothing.

Roll can not whiff cancel. She can link 5b, 5a which makes it seem like she can reverse beat, but she can’t actually, and it’s not the same thing as whiff cancelling anyways.

Before I begin, I want to thank Premium for making this thread. It’s about time that TvC players collect tidbits of detailed data that will make the game easier to understand. Any posts saying how this may be old news will make me angry on the inside. Some things need to be documented to be understood so we don’t have to call them random shenanigans anymore.

I will be happy to contribute to this page. I know some people who have been playing the game for a while and still have a hard time forming a team that suits them. Honestly, I think the best teams are the ones that fit your personality, whether it be as a person in real life or as a video game player. Game background may also me integral in forming a team. What other games (fighting games or not) have you played? Because some characteristics and key basics of other games may be help you find the team that is right for you!

Your best teams are the ones that you should be using in tournament as your mains, but I can also help formulate secondary and side teams and point out their strengths and weaknesses.

I can start with the two teams I consider my tournament mains: Polimar/Ippatsuman and Viewtiful Joe/Polimar


Overall: A team that punishes with long, powerful combos and rewards patience. Combos are strong with or without super grab resets A team that really suits me, personally, because of my Tekken background, a game where punishing mistakes with a long combo is essential to winning. Furthermore, you get a blend of strong, ground-based low/overhead/crossover mixups (as Polimar), and special attack and aerial offense and keep-away (as Ippatsuman).

Viewtiful Joe/Polimar

Overall: A team that counters strong keepaway teams and still has strong mix-up potential. V.Joe must always be the starting point-character and Polimar as assist for best results. V.Joe plays runaway mostly with his B-version and C-version Red Hot Kicks outside of combos and V-Air special projectile (preferably fully charged since it hits twice and locks on to the enemy) as an air combo ender. Polimar’s assist will mainly be used to create combo opportunities during runaway and to strengthen V.Joe’s general combo potential. V.Joe can switch from runaway to mix-up/rushdown with a flurry his fast normals, specifically air-dashed, multi-hitting j.C and 6B overhead to open up an opponent’s defense. Switch to Polimar with a VAR, then A-version/B-version Handou Sandangeri~Baroque, air dash forward j.B… for powerful, high-damage-for-high-elevation combos. Polimar must play smart, fundamentally, since V.Joe’s assist does not offer much coverage and doesn’t extend combos like most the better, single hitting assists like Ippatsuman, Ryu, Morrigan, and Alex. Both V.Joe and Polimar has great 2C slides for alternate ground mobility and combo potential.

EDIT: Shoutouts to yourmother, fuck late night mistakes and typos!

I’m trying to hustle my Yatter1/Polimar team because I think it’s really fucking good; however, I really just don’t like playing as polimar and I don’t know what to do with him. Right now all I’m doing is trying to find really gay combos to use without using polimar so that I can incorperate yatter1 in any team since I feel most comfortable playing as him.

But yeah, what I usually go for is starting off with a fast character to go out on point and then match him or her with someone with stupid damage.



What a good fucking character.

I made this thread silly lol unless you were making a yourmother joke??

A lot of people seem to have a problem with using Polimar as a character. If you don’t know already, Polimar is my pride and joy. HE IS NOT JUST AN ASSIST CHARACTER!!! I will cover how to play Polimar as character in this post (which will be edited). I will include his strengths, weaknesses, and other stuff.

Royal was those it seem like you, me, kurasa are the most dedicated people in this game lol. Oh and yourmother XD. Even when everyone said TvC done I still made this thread to help people in the future of playing this game.

I will make a right up of Casshern and Tekkman cause people don’t seem to know how to play them to their full potential.

Dude I don’t use polimar just for an assist character. I use him for that amazing DHC into fucking car. Holy shit that thing is good.

Don’t use him just for that, Royal broke polimar down so despite what people say about how bad poly he can still compete with him.

Sounds like you’re talking about me Ed. I hate you. :slight_smile:
I have decided on not having one or two main teams. I will continue to rotate between Jun/Ryu, T.blade/Ryu, Yat-1/T.Blade, Anyone with alex, and theres probably 3 or 4 teams I’ve “mained” that I’ve forgotten here.

I think I’ll stay a “jack of all trades, master of JUN” lol.

Haha I am still playing this game but I played super crappy at EVO. I think my teams work good together but I just don’t spam enough with them. Morrigan/Saki is a pretty solid team, maybe lacks some damage but definitely has comeback potential in it. Tekkaman Blade/Morrigan is a solid team as well but you really do not want to lose Blade fast. I will be working on some secret weapons so watch out.

I dotn know if i should be allowed to give advice cuz i suck but here we go

Soki/Tekkaman: This team has a massive amount of range and probably the most damage output in game. One very good thing about this team is the fact that it doesnt matter who is out because after enough experience with both characters u can do INSANE amounts of damage. This damage almost always scares the opponent into bursting so it is very easy to throw ur massive power around as if its a two ton hammer. U can also punsih extremely well with this team do to the crazy damage output. The downside to this team is that it has next to no mix-up potential and can be dominated by a keep away playstyle (at least i am if someone uses this team and fucks a keep away person up please tell me ur secets lmao). Overall i love this team because it matches the way i play very well and it is very fun.


this is my main team. both of their assist are really great in combos and ryu’s assist help Alex combo from a wall bounce anywhere on screen without baroque which is really helpful because that elbow helps him get in on keep away characters and running next to a fireball isn’t a bad idea either. Alex is usually on point because Ryu doesn’t benefit as much as Alex from having an assist but if ryu does start the match he can VAR in to Alex whose power bomb is extremely strong from certain heights.