Team building help?

Hey everyone I am fairly new to not only UMVC3 but the series in a whole. If someone can give me the rundown on making an effective team i would very much appreciate it! Also can someone explain the roles of the characters in a team? I know a little bit, but not enough to pick assists or choose from all the characters. Right now I’m using Chun-li as my battery, Super skrull as my user, and the last is still undecided. Any help picking assists (and why) and who I should consider putting as my last character? Also, (sorry i know it’s a lot but i’m lost lol) can someone give me a list of the different types of characters (battery, user, point, anchor, etc.) and who falls into those categories? Any advice on my current team members would be great too! Thanks a lot!

I use skrull and spencer and like you I still do not have a third person for assist try to get one with a otg ( off the ground ) you will be able to continue your combos
As a third person I am thinking of hawkeye, strider,nova or nemesis Maybe you should look into one of those

theres a team building guide by karst at ipw just search for it on google and you should find it.It will answer all your questions about the roles of characters plus more. In my opinion skrull benefits the most from two types of assist approaching and lock down. Beams allows skrull to approach safely and get in without worrying about being punished. For example lets say you approach your opponent with pilebunker(2.h) normally that move can be easily punished but backed up by dooms-a it is now safe b/c if they tried to punish you they are going to take a lazer to the face!

Assist that fill the approaching role are: ghost rider-a, Doom-a, dr.strange-y, ironman-a, taskmaster-a, and magneto-a. There are more but those are from the top of my head.

Lockdown assist forces the opponet to block and usually stay in one place. Lock down assist gives skrull way more options now he can either choose cross over MS,E.slam, or cross up charged air special.

Assist that fill the lock down role: ammy-b, sentinel-a , doom-b, frank-a, and akuma-b

Sorry if its confusing dont really post on forums

how is dr doom molecular shield assist
do you know any good forum for assist combo help ?
thanks for the ipw hint i am going to check that out now =]

Dr.Doom assist is alright I feel that his other assist are much better. What you can do is call out his rocks n most ppl start blocking when they see it dash up for a grab pretty basic but thats all i got for that assist. No I dont just go into training n mess around a bit you should find a combo sooner or later

thanks i am go try that right now
i found some assist combos on youtube =]