Team building help?

Hey everyone I am fairly new to not only UMVC3 but the series in a whole. If someone can give me the rundown on making an effective team i would very much appreciate it! Also can someone explain the roles of the characters in a team? I know a little bit, but not enough to pick assists or choose from all the characters. Right now I’m using Chun-li as my battery, Super skrull as my user, and the last is still undecided. Any help picking assists (and why) and who I should consider putting as my last character? Also, (sorry i know it’s a lot but i’m lost lol) can someone give me a list of the different types of characters (battery, user, point, anchor, etc.) and who falls into those categories? Any advice on my current team members would be great too! Thanks a lot!

Questions like this can go in the general discussion thread.

As for your question, the MvC2 notion of battery/user/etc doesn’t apply as well to MvC3 in practice.
You essentially need a team of 2 characters that DHC well together plus an anchor.

So let’s assume you’ll be using Chun. She’s arguably best on point, so let’s put her there. She needs someone who she can DHC into safely. If that character can make use of her lightning legs pinning assist, then that’s even better. As for Chun’s needs, she needs a dedicated assist to guide her approach. Either your 2nd or your anchor can fill this role, but I strongly suggest that your anchor do it (so they can do it for your 2nd character as well, because Chun has no good assists for that purpose). So your 3rd needs to be able to operate solo and have a coverfire assist. Strong candidates are: Sentinel, Dr. Doom, Hawkeye, Taskmaster, etc.

So Chun’s basic team formula is: Chun + safe DHC + anchor with coverfire assist. (granted this is all my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt)

Thanks for your explanation. I really like chun’s assist but she is a beast on point, especially with the anchors you have mentioned. Do you think you need a beam/projectile assist for Chun to work on point or would Akuma work?

Akuma anchor can work, but make sure you have specific combos/setups that work when the tatsu connects. It will leave them in a less-than-optimal position (floating a decent bit above the ground). Standing :m: or :h: should be good options for converting the confirmed assist hit into a combo.

Thanks you so much for your response and i’m sorry about where this was posted im new to this and don’t know much about the different threads. I actually picked up sentinel and am using his drone assist to set up mixups. Now that being said I really like super skrull and am wondering if he can fit into the equation effectively? If so, what would be optimal order for my characters and assists? Because i will openly say that i am a total noob lol And if he wont fit in what are some other characters that will work? or should i drop chun? I’m so lost.

Well, admittedly Chun is not a beginner character, but if you like the character enough, there’s no harm if you want to keep learning her stuff.

Beam assists like Dr Doom and OTG assists like X-23/Deadpool/Wesker can help her a lot. I’m not too familiar with Skrull unfortunately.

yeah i guess you’re right i should probably pick some easier characters… thanks for all your help!

I’m no chun expert, but she’s amazingly fun to play because she has so many options - here are my thoughts

if you like the character stick with her. just add one thing at a time. I play chun 2nd in my team because she’s my strongest character. with a good assist she can really shine in crossing your opponent up and opening their guard. I’m currently running Cap / Chun / Iron Man. I know IM isnt the best anchor, but thats char loyalty for you. lol first comic I ever bought was IM. cap and chun dhc great back and forth with each other and IM assist goes well with both. X23 and Nem also dhc nice into chun ball super.

I’ve stuck with chun since vanilla and here are a couple of things which really helped me with her.

  1. super jump air dash H when in close is a very fast overhead and when mixed with crouching M to start your close combos is a pretty good mixup. you cant get predictable with it though or your get caught.

  2. triple jump while charging sbk and executing in the different jumps 1, 2, or 3 is a great way to run from lvl 3 xfactor.

  3. OTG stomp (followed with combo) after air and ground throw is essential to capitalizing on her damage when you get a throw. I use H as my in air hit usually because you’ll get the throw or can H double jump into M,M,H if it hits.

  4. from almost full screen, one approach that comes in fast (unexpectedly fast in some cases) is call your projectile assist fwd dash, jump fwd air dash H. you can come in from almost full screen and land a combo to start your offense sometimes.

  5. instant overhead stomp air dash fwd H is difficult to get down (I still miss alot) but its great for keeping that pressure on and opening up. chun is so fast that when you get into block strings if you jump cancel her normals at different times call beam assist, and mixup between air dash H, instant stomp, air dash H, empty air dash (to land other side), walk up throw, she has lots of options to mess with the opponents head. and get you in.

  6. her combos are going to need some serious training time to get the timings down. my bnb with her is air dash H, cr. L, cr. M, st. H, fireball (stun version), st. H, cr. H, normal jump fwd, M, M, H, S, (delay the S so they are close to the ground) st. L, st. M, st. H, S, super jump, M, M, H, double jump, M, M, H, triple jump, M, M, H, S. If in the corner you can OTG stomp to lightning legs + assist to start cross ups here, or if your far away you can dash, normal jump air dash into stomp to pick them up and work on mixups or air throw from there. I sat in practice forever to get the timing on the bnb down. it builds great meter but doesnt net too much dmg. But its great for getting in your opponents head because its so long.

  7. she can do a lp dp in the air, followed by another dp or action afterwards. movement options are always good so you dont get predictable when getting in.

thats all for now, again, im no master chun player, but I have a blast trying to get in and put her to work. she’s very rewarding if you stick with her. plus you will hardly ever see anybody playing her online.

hope these help a little bit man, hit me up on xbl sometime if you need any training or games. Krokpot 7

Hey guys I’ve stuck with the game, but I still haven’t quite got a team I like down. I love chun’s movement and mix up potential, but I still have trouble with synergy. I don’t like over used characters ie. Vergil, doom, spencer, etc. so please don’t tell me how good of assist hidden missiles is because I know lol x) I want to play a fun team that can get in (chun) and zone if need be (deadpool/iron man). This is the team that I’m currently thinking may be my main, but I would love to hear how some of the characters a little lower on the tiers list can synergize well with these characters. I’d consider dropping either chun or deadpool if they just won’t work(which I don’t think is necessary because chun can make use of both katana-Rama and quick work assists) but I really like these two characters.


Chun would have lightning legs, Iron Man unibeam, an I’m not too sure about deadpool.

This team is by no means set in stone and I’m curious how some of the more overlooked characters can fit in! Plus I thought it might be a fun discussion! :slight_smile:

Any advice would be muh appreciated!

Well I’m new to the game too so dont take my stuff too seriously

I would just put Deadpool second since I feel he get more from unibeam then IM get from quickwork or katana-rama,.

Plus Deadpool XF2 can get you to do the quick work infinite if I’m not mistaken I may be.