Team Canada @ EVO World

I don’t think this thread will get much action right now as it’s about six months away but I thought it best to start and give people something to think about.

Obviously flight prices change every day. I’ve found the average price (with one stop over) is about $650. That’s for a return flight.

EVO is working with The Tropicana for hotel rates. From what I saw they got a ridiculous deal at $59 a night. Over three nights split among 2 - 4 people that’s barely a factor in budgeting.

Standard EVO pricing. Site fee is $20. Registration fee is $10 per game.

That’s really up to how much you want to enjoy yourself. Like I said in the other thread, I’ll probably take $2000 with me. Maybe $3000 depending on how much gambling I plan to do. Obviously that number isn’t for everyone so don’t even factor it. Just making note that this isn’t a road trip where you’re going to get by on $300 total for three days.

Post up if you have interest…

This thread interests me. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and hear about your hilarious misadventures on a daily basis.

Maybe if I’m in Cali/Vegas again… during Evo instead of the week before.

Sorry to budge in here but watch out, 59$ is for weeknights. Weekend nights can go up to 180$.

I was under the impression Wizard secured a $59/night rate for the EVO group. He was pretty specific about it. Can you link to where it said the weekend nights would be higher?

I’ll have to look for it.
I just looked directly on the tropicana website for an estimate.
I personally hope you’re right :lol:.

I just looked through the “Evo announcement on 2/29” and on March 6th he said the pricing would be up in a week so I guess the final prices are still not up.

My apologies.

tropicana is kinda a shithole though and I’ve already stayed there. It definitely isnt 180 on weekends for a standard room.

Also Justin what kinda flights are you getting if they are 650 round trip? Have airline flights gone up that much?

Teddy; I only looked through Expedia over the last 48 hours and those were the rates. I’m sure with some real research and leaving it in the hands of my travel agent friends it could be cheaper. What kind of flight did you get when you went?

For expedia, check Point #2 here:

:tup: Great tip, thanks for the heads up. :tup:

I got 395 and 407 round trip the two times I went.

what’s mtl’s stance on EVO? Freddy what’s up?

ps. I jacked your papes and totally apologize.

(Nagata, if u want, u can change the thread title to Canada @ EVO World)

me and Brian were discussing it, valaris is going there for sure. I checked out ure thread and I know Steve’s interested as well.

But thats the thing, shelling out that much money for three days when for the same sum I can take a week off and go to Cuba…

if a big canadian crew is heading there, then that would be sick, and id be way more inclined to go

This is a tough one because I was thinking about Europe this summer, which would probably kill any chance of me shelling out this much cash for this.

I do want to go and so does some Ottawa heads. We’ll start puting this together soon and see what can come up.

Yo guyz lets go seriously. A big canadian crew that would be awesome. Every year we just stay home and read about the highlights this year lets live them

let’s make them highlights.

i’m going to budget a grand.

Moe and I are confirmed. I suggest waiting a couple months to see if WestJet is going to hold a seat sale like they did last year. You could book now and switch your tickets later, but they’ll charge $42… which is still worth it for peace of mind and if the sale saves you $50+.

I’m probably going to book when Wizard announces the hotel discount.

I was planning on going to T.O. this year for T9, but if that ain’t happening, I might as well see if I can join you guys for Vegas. Steffan and nYo would also be joining, and maybe a friend who doesn’t game would come along.

We should figure it out soon then.
I’m going to buy my ticket way in advance, not only to save money but also because it will help tremendously in budgeting for it.

Yeah I’ve got intentions of heading out to evo this year too. Lets hype this up and get as many of us there as possible. Sucks T9 doesn’t seem like it’ll happen but kind of nice to have a bigger contingent heading to evo.