Team Canada @ EVO World

So I elected to look for prices directly from Air Canada instead of through a 3rd party site. The direct bookings were WAAAAAY cheaper. Standard coach fares started as low as $250 to Vegas from Pearson. If people wanted to fly out of Buffalo it’s even cheaper than that. Just a heads up to people who were sweating flight prices as their biggest issue.

I assume a passport is required?

You assume correctly.

If anyone can make it to Ottawa. I’ll take them on my G4. Free of charge.


That is craaaazy. Do you mean two-way? Because even for one-way that is cheap.

Jay; yes those are return rates.

My vacation time was approved from August 8 - 15. I am now 100% going to EVO World.

I’m not fully sure I understand. 250$ for one way or 250 for returning flight?
On aircanada you have to choose both flights (going and coming back) and both prices are separate (each written when you select your flight time).
Shit if it’s 250 I’ll find a way to toronto and then fly out from there.

That’s fantastic man. I’m sure this will help me group people from Ottawa to go…the only way I won’t make this is if everyone backs out. Just have to get those ticket’s ASAP.

Mtl - you guys have to make this as well, start moving!

Looking at the air canada site now… 267 one way… the return flight is futher down on the page… 371 back…

At those rates I’d prefer the executive class… 1443 one way… baller… decide how to get home when I win my money at the casino

edit: this post doesnt exactly imply that i’m going… as i’m still undecided.

Yea I just checked but I got 265 both ways…with tax and fees it comes to 650$. Which is what we expected originally.

Apologies, I misread when I first looked through Air Canada.

However, Vegas drops considerably in the summer with so many people flying out. Both my travel agent friends will be keeping an eye on things and suggest I do the same. I have a lot of friends that have flown to Vegas for as little as $300 total (there and back) because they found good deals and kept checking.

Hey Nagata, I’ve added you to MSN. I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of things for Evo World trip. Thanks.

Yeah there’s always crazy deals for Vegas through even Air Canada…I see them all the time.

US Flights

I just wanted to weigh in and say that if you’re from Toronto, you may want to fly out of Buffalo if at all possible. Domestic flights within the US are relatively cheaper than international, so look into that.

I plan on arriving in Vegas on the 6th and staying until the 11th. Anyone else interesting in coming that early?

I thought a resurrection of this thread was in order.

I’m looking to go from 08/07 - 08/14 (thursday - thursday) as I’ve got a wedding to attend on the Friday. I could do Friday to Friday but it’ll brutalize me sleep wise if I want to hit up the wedding.

I’m 100% going on this trip. I have the vacation time off work and the money to go for a week. I just need to know who from Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa is going to work out hotel stay. I would hope some people are staying for a week as it would save a lot of money hotel split wise.

I’m staying for a week and going for sure (Tropicana has crazy deals btw). I just can’t make any commitments yet because I’m still trying to work out who’s coming with me from Ottawa. There’s a lot of people on the fence trying to save up and shit.

I was once pretty sure, but as time goes on I’m leaning further and further away. That and I’ve been spending the money I’ve saved up.

Me and my brother are most likely going to be there on the 6th.