team chemistry

there are multiple types of team chemistry in the game so I’ll explain 1 and let other people post the other ones.

This one is pretty basic. Point, AA, horizontal control. This type of chemistry allows the point character to control the space above him and in front of him. 2 pretty vital angles that are important to the game.

  1. Point character. You want a character that can utilize AA’s properly and use an horizontal assist just as well. preferably, you’ll want a character that utilize that can create some type of pressure off the assist as well as cover their exit so they don’t get hurt. Some point characters like ruby heart can allow for a safe dhc in for their follow character to come in safe. Its something to take into account. If the point character has a bad angle he\she can’t protect, pick an AA that will help you control that angle better.

  2. Anti air. You need this angle really. Wether you use an actual AA or make one up by combining 2 types of hit boxes but lets just stick with an AA character. Its important to note that you want an AA characater that doesn’t need an actual AA to help it. For example lets take psylock ron. Psylock as an assist will help any point character but on point, psyblade+tron is an AA option thats safe. You would want something like that but thats speaking from personal taste. You also have to take into account matchups, priortiy, ability to create safe pressure, good damage and dhc in scenarios. In this type of team chemistry, the 2nd character is an anchor character. If the point character goes, this character has to be able to step up and do something.

  3. Horizontal space controlling. You want to control as much space as possible, since the air is already being controlled by the AA, the next angle you want to protect is the space in front of you. I usually have the space saved for tron if I’m running low tiers but stuff like drones, typhoon, magneto beam, megaman projectile, are all other forms of good horizontal assist. Now the 3rd character is really important most times. Some squads are 3 man teams, msp, matrix, meaning that every character on their team can fight and every character can utilize each others helpers properly. Other teams are power duo’s or 2 man teams like thrax, spidey\morrigan ron. All though tron and mando both can fight, they don’t fight nearly as well as cyke on matrix or psy on msp.

the team doesn’t neccessarily have to be in this order. for example, spidey\morrigan ron fits perfectly with this but msp is in the order of point\horizontal\AA. They both base their team idea around the same thing but in different orders because of the different elements in play.