Team Combinations Thread (what's your team?)


I’m playing Ken + M.Bison.

As soon as a tatsu lands with ken I’ll do an easy-as-dirt 400+ dmg combo with one bar. Rinse and repeat. If in doubt, switch to Bison and bait and punish. Awesome team.


Rolento and Poison.

No special tactics. I just like em! Also they are a themed team.

The Official Team Building Thread

I’m using Sagat/Ryu at the moment. Not sure if I’ll stick with them though. I like Ryu’s Cross Rush into Sagat’s HP cancelled to EX Tiger Knee, High Step Kick, EX Tiger Uppercut. It’s been working pretty well so far.


Kuma Akuma. Picked them for their names now I have to figure them out. My Kuma BnB is 425 damage meterless, then Akuma can come in and waste bars. Fastest and slowest walker, least health and 2nd to most health…


Primary team: Vega/Hwoarang
Secondary: Vega/Hugo


and eventually


The team I wish to play is team Tricky Trap (Poison-Yoshimitsu) but so far I think they have bad team Synergy :confused:


Mostly playing with a friend right now, i play Guile, he plays Paul. Team Hairspray !


Kazuya/Rolento atm. Messing with Hugo, Law, Ibuki and Xiaoyu too.

Also Rolento is cheap.



Because why the fuck not?


Akuma/Kazuya with a pocket xiaoyu (still needs to be trained up)

but my main team is a nice balance of Zoner and RTSD


LMAO! We have the same exact team and secondary team!


Yoshi/King or Yoshi/Jin. I’m still thinking about it though




Law/Guile…i’ve never been a fan of Guile, but he complements Law very well. Another team i like is Raven/Balrog.


You start with Law?



I call it the R team


My main team is Kazuya/Cammy


Cammy & Asuka.

And my Side crew Toro/Kuro.


Yeah, i feel more comfortable with him at the moment

My strategy : Do as much damaging combos with Law, then bring in Guile to be defensive against desperate players looking to make a comeback.