Team Combo Compilation & Some Other Less Relevant News

First off, here’s that team combo I was talking about finishing. Sorry I couldn’t squeeze that Iron Man combo in there KillaKelly. It was godlike and the testing you did was legit but I ran out of time to record.


Also, I just wanted to say that I’m done playing Marvel, at least for a pretty long time. I didn’t come here to seek attention or anything, I just wanted to give an explanation as to why I won’t be producing content or posting much if at all.

I didn’t just come to say that though. What I wanted to ask all of you is, what do think of the sticky threads we have here? I was looking around at some other threads of different characters and their OPs are extremely well organized and have some great information. Ours are pretty bland and some of them are even from Vanilla. The general thread is more of what I’m aiming for, as it’s really well organized and is just jam-packed with information. I don’t know how it’d be done, but I’m more than happy to create some new threads (at least a combo, video, and match up thread) or update the old ones. I figured it would help out a ton and encourage new players to pick the character up since all the information they would need would be right there.

I could still update them as well as my phone lets me know whenever someone posts on the sticky threads (usually why I respond so quickly at times) so I wouldn’t just post up info and forget about it. I’d keep up with it and update whenever someone presents something new and useful. I don’t mind if everyone’s fine with the posts we have now, I won’t be offended or anything and it’s totally cool. I just wanted to throw an idea out there. I feel like I’ve built up enough of a reputation here to be able to contribute in that way, so let me know what you guys think. Happy New Years to you all too by the way.

Yo, nice vid man. Its cool u weren’t able to get it in there. Good work on everything, I barely started posting in the Chris forums, but can see you have contributed here a lot. Good work, I was hoping to get some games in sometime, but since you are stopping, oh well. I do think its a great idea to organize the stuff here, but I also don’t really know what the best way to organize it all would be, maybe someone can chime in here with some ideas.

Well, I mean I wouldn’t mind running some derp teams in a lobby to help some people with bad match ups. I just won’t be going in the lab or anything like that anymore. Basically, I’m not gonna invest much more time into Marvel. I was also thinking about the organizing all the info as well, and it seems like a daunting task. These forums have been pretty quiet as of late though so we’ll just have to see. Thanks for the feedback man.

You’re right vsDenjin.

We need more stuff.

And not just combo videos too. Something like… set-ups or mix-up possibilities or something. Maybe some potential fuzzy guard set-ups as well. Who knows.

I had quite a few things like pressure strings and was messing with some fuzzy guard set-ups with Drones but without a capture card, it’s so much of a hassle recording things. I wish I could but I don’t even have a PS3 to play marvel on anymore. I think people need to start moving away from combo videos and start looking into other forms of tech, like you mentioned.

I guess with the lack of tournament Chris players, there isn’t really a sense of urgency to advance the character in any other way. I’m just really worn out from playing marvel, and especially worn out from playing Chris, so I don’t know if anyone will look into the things I got started on. Like the Medium Grenade pressure I was talking about. I started using it a bit and it was working really well, but I haven’t played in forever so I never got a chance to sink my teeth into it, but it could be pretty slick. I don’t know, it sucks that it isn’t very live in these parts of the forums.

I don’t have a PS3/Xbox360 in my room, but even if I did, I doubt I’d be as intuitive as you to come up with these things.

It’s sad seeing a huge innovator of Chris combo/tech being on hiatus. Almost no one plays this character, let alone talk about him.

I’ll try hard to get something to practice marvel with reliably. I need to practice and come up with more creative things. Having ToDs is simply not enough.

Yeah man, but grinding for new tech kind of wore on me. I’ve been doing it since the game came out and only recently started developing things of note so I guess it was starting to feel like the input wasn’t matching the output.

I really wish more people tried to play Chris on a competitive level though. It would probably lead to more advanced tech outside of combos. UMvC3 has become such a different game since it came out and I feel like the only people who are playing Chris now are the ones who have been playing him for a while already. It’s kind of like we’re all stuck with the same mind set with no fresh perspective. If more people started playing the character, I’m sure whatever mind set they had with their old mains might bring about the some interesting stuff, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

I agree that ToDs aren’t doing much if anything at all for the Chris metagame. It’s crazy because when I first started to realize that Chris can kill with a lot of different characters, I thought that might be what he needed to compete, but I was dead wrong. There’s no point in being able to do 1.25 million damage if you can’t hit anyone.

All I have are theories about the character at this point, and I’m starting to think that Chris is going to be defined by what assists he has. Like the creative set ups you’re talking about finding, I think that’s what everyone needs to start doing with their teams instead of focusing on Chris as an individual character. Sooner or later someone will find something awesome but it’ll be specific to their team. It’ll still be something new and it might even be applicable to another team, and then the tech will develop from there. That’s all I can think of though in terms of advancing the character.

I don’t even know where to start. It’s more of a rant/testimonial really.

I actually feel kinda bad that I’ve been working on my combo video with Chris after reading this. When I first started to play Marvel, I always kept Chris on Anchor; not exactly knowing how to play him. Just only basic combos; rinse and repeat. Over time, I felt as if I was getting nowhere with Viper/Spencer/Chris back in Vanilla. After switching up my team to Chris/Spencer/Taskmaster, I have fared much better over time as I was getting into the game more. I’m usually the lone Chris player at tournaments and I will say that my inspiration truly comes from you guys. I know these boards have been a bit of a graveyard as of late but we can find some things together as a group.

[*]GCYoshi13 - Last year, I only heard your name a few times but after watching you during your matches and everything else, I honestly felt that Chris could stand a fighting chance in Marvel amongst the Magnetos, Dooms and other top tier characters in the game. Also watching you play STA Windzero was enough for me to stop thinking about switching teams and just play your smartest game. I don’t look up to many Marvel players but you are one of the very few that I do.

[*]vsDenjin - Thank you for the tech that you put out. I’m slowly but surely starting to look into them but it does help a out. Your work does not go unnoticed sir. I have a AverMedia capture device and if you want, we can collaborate on some of the tech that you were working on and I will help to get it out to the masses.
I am currently in the finishing touches of my combo video but I will be starting a new series very soon that involves few things from Chris: Grenade Launcher and something to do with mixups, etc.

I’ve had people tell me to drop Chris as a character but I refused. I know I’m not as good GCYoshi13, STA WindZero, LLND, Darchon25, OOOOBEY or others. But, that doesn’t stop me from playing. At time, I had to stop playing Marvel because it’s not fun when you’re getting blown up by dumb shit or dealing with bad enough match ups that makes you want to break your stick or pad. Trust me, I know this all too well. Losing to Winrich @ NEC 13 with the Morrigan/Doom/Vergil bullshit was enough to make me ragequit.

To make this short, I will be more active here on the boards and I will be working in the lab to grind out some tech that maybe useful for us Chris players, new and old alike. I will do what I can to contribute. know that playing Chris can be an uphill battle. However, with what is already out there, I’m sure we can find even new stuff to ensure that Chris’s opponents will truly feel the pain.

Gotta go to work. Fire in the Hole guys. :slight_smile:

Hey man, if you’re working on a combo video, by all means keep grinding. It’s not that we don’t need anymore combo videos, it’s just that we need other aspects to compliment them. I actually went to a tournament yesterday after dropping fighting games in general for about a month or so, because I didn’t wanna stop without even going to a local tourney. I went 2-2 somehow with some awful rust on my game but I was glad I used Chris for it and I had some interesting conversations with players while I was there. It was crazy how many people said they ‘messed around’ with Chris but no one commits to him.

It’s interesting because whenever they mess around with him, it’s only online, never offline. I’m not saying players of one scene are better than the other, but online and offline are drastically different. The thing about online is no matter what character you use, whether it be the worst or the best, you will at some point in the match land a hit. No matter who you play, it seems a match will just sometimes ‘go your way’. With that, people often can’t relate to the need for new tech with the character because he seems to be just fine with where he is right now. I think the lack of offline Chris players out there is part of the lack of new tech. When you run into an issue, you go to the lab and find a set up to counter it, but when your issue is lag, there isn’t much to work on. With that, I feel like the struggle that I was going through (as well as you and Gc_Yoshi) isn’t easy to relate to for a majority of Chris players, in that there is a clear discrepancy between the amount of tech other characters are developing and the amount of tech we are. Again, I’m not saying tournament players are better than online players (some don’t have the choice) but I’m just saying it’s a different world with much different strategies, and most from one aren’t applicable to the other.

I’m not even gonna lie, I really feel bad for point Chris players at tournaments because it feels like they’re doing it on their own, especially you Gc_Yoshi. It’s like there isn’t another player to build off of or collaborate with. Other top players who play the same characters go to each other for advice all the time, and they learn so much from each other and ultimately advance their characters to a whole new level of play consistently. But with Chris, it’s like, who can you turn to for advice? Assuming you don’t know any other Chris players, you could always try coming to SRK right? Well… no, because our forums are pretty empty and the people who do come here seem to disappear at times, and so all of us never get together and have a discussion at one single moment, or in other words, we’re missing out on brain power. With that, it’s like every Chris player (especially the tournament ones) are each on their own island of obscurity, struggling to push a character up the tier chart alone while other characters have plenty of hands to get going.

There isn’t much I can do from here at the moment, in terms of recording, and I’d have to do some testing to hit you up on stuff Needlecrash, but I don’t even have a system to play on at this point. Still, I’ll shoot you a tweet whenever I think of stuff or have a question and I invite you to do the same. One thing I can do from here is post up written information. I know I asked the forums if people wanted me to start new threads for things, but not many people pass by here anyway so that didn’t work out. I’ve decided to just go ahead and do it whether they get stickied or not (I don’t even know who’s in charge of that or how that works to be honest). I want to get a match up thread going discussing everything I’ve picked up fighting against every character I’ve played. I think that’s a good place to start and will hopefully get some discussion going. Maybe later a revised combo thread, who knows, but college has got me pretty swamped so I don’t know when exactly I’ll get finished, but I’ll at least start the thread some time soon.

Anyway, all I can say is keep grinding Gc_Yoshi and you too Needlecrash. Actually, especially you since you’re the only one with a system right now, haha. I’ll just say always be creative and try to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to work on unorthodox set-ups and always give a little lab time to countering specific match-ups as well. Most importantly, hit me up whenever. I might not play anymore but I’ll always have some info to provide from past experience, so just let me know whenever you’re stumped or just wanna converse about anything. Keep pushing man and good luck to you.

This is how I felt during the whole lifespan of vanilla and the start of ultimate with Haggar. You just never had anyone else to work with to find new things and the only guy you ever saw doing big things with the character was Bum.

Once I picked up Chris when Ultimate came out, that feeling got even worse. Hell, I watched a stream not too long ago where someone actually used Chris and the commentators flipped out when they realized our level three has invincibility frames.
I’m still the only person to use Chris at any event I’ve been to and I still have people ask why I use Chris when he’s such a terrible character in their eyes.
I just wish we had access to the sheer amount of knowledge gained by a player base like what you can find with Mags or any of the other top used characters.

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I agree I used Chris and Dante since vanilla only because they are two of my favorite characters in the Capcom series. I really wish there were more players who use him or even players to play against/practice with. The guys I play with always say he is a crummy character but he is rather good depending on who uses him.

I’m more than willing to play private matches or in a lobby with some people.

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