Team Control

And so, after several delays (…none, really), and constant begging (…from no one), this thread is created. Let’s write our fondest memories (read: times we didn’t get beaten down so bad) and warmest wishes (such as, “stop that gay talk immediately” or “suck it, bitch”).

The Way of the Team Control:

  1. Always stay “in control”
  2. When the going gets rough, the more we weep
  3. Come hell or high water, no one gets left behind. Cannon fodder always comes first
  4. “That’s so gay” should be used at will
  5. Chun-Li: The woman, the bitch, the legacy that will occur at Zot Zone…learn to parry low…PARRY THAT SHIT DOWN
  6. All hate mail/messages/anything should be exclusively handled by Eliot: he can pump out put-me-downs like it’s nobody’s business.
  7. Chris doesn’t suck. Not even if Chris says so. I SAID, “NOT EVEN IF CHRIS SAYS SO.” No ifs, ands, or buts.
  8. We will hold a vigil for everyone who gets pWn3d by ken’s c.strong
  9. We will hold a wake for anyone that get pWn3d by Ken’s c.strong, c.forward, and c.short, c.jab, c.short
  10. Never, ever, under any circumstances, shall we let the Team Control name down. In other words, everyone else will always prevail!




“Iraq is in control?” HAHHAHAHAHA. Funny stuff, Squeamz.


Hehe…it’s funny because he really did say that.

is there another get together planned after apr 26?

btw, i’ll be at zz during my lunch break (12-1) and after i finish my practice mcat test (lets say 4ish) on saturday (tomorrow) if anybody’s man enough to take on my 12/necro.

There can be if you want there to be. Maybe something after you guy’s midterms, eh? Let’s set this up.


cancel my appearance at zz today. i really have to stop diverting my attention and start focusing on my upcoming test in 2 weeks.

Yeah, David. Eat, sleep, and breath that MCAT until it’s out of the way. You’ll be way better off. You know what’s almost as bad as going into a big test not ready? Going into a test with the feeling that you’re not ready. Once that confidence wanes it’s all over. So yeah concentrate on that. We’ll have plenty of time afterwards to play 3s.


i like pancakes

good luck on the mcats, dave. We’ll have a special “david pWnZ j00, mC4tz” get together :smiley:

past that, are we actually going to try and enter any tourneys together? O_o

team control was representin’ last night at cgl, what with anthony slamming his shin into a machine (quite literally getting his ass kicked by the machine), and myself losing to the CPU on ST again. We were in control the whole time.

Seriously though, my game was off, and to make matters worse, it was asshole night on CVS2 and mvc1. So much for playin’ for kicks. At least i beat the guys on cvs2, but mvc1, doggamit, i lost to a friggin’ strider/chun team >__<

This is a nice thread. I think I’ll post here! :slight_smile:

BTW… David, that’s one funny pic :smiley:

For those who are going to SuperArcade 2m night…

Let’s go out and represent… by losing!

Mutantxp: sup. good games at super arcade and camelot. I was the yun guy. heh, imma start using that option select thingy more. but for some reason i can never tech hit while crouching. thanx for the tips. cya around.

Yeah good games to you too. I “definitely” need to play more Yun players! Get it? Uh, yeah. Anyway, we have to trade tactics on how to beat each other so that our games are little more interesting.

As far as the option select thing, the reason you’re not teching is because either (a) your opponent failed to throw you (i.e. he wasnt fast enough and threw you too late or your crouching jab outprioritzed my throw attempt kind of like how you beat me our last match) or (b) he wasn’t going for a throw in the first place.

But yeah, option select is handy especially against people who are obsessed with throwing. I think you and I know a certain super arcade regular that falls in that category. Hehe. :wink:


hey, you guys seen any new oro and 12 moves during your venture to the unknown?

hmm. Nobody really plays oro, I think I was the only oro player at supercade…and I owned everyone too easy. INCLUDING anthony, who’s ken was so bad, hahaha. Now, back to reality:
my oro sucked big monkey nuts. The twelve player was scolded by anthony, mentioning you by the way, saying “you need to fly! I have a friend, who, at the start of the match when it says ‘fight’ he flies! do that!” or something. Maybe we need to go to FF instead of camelot :slight_smile:

What is this option select thing? These nuts are intrigued.

lol :lol:
the option select is basically a “ducking tech throw,” performed by, you guessed it, ducking and pressing the throw command (jab + short). what this does is, if someone tries to throw you, a great many things can happen:
a) you’ll tech out of it
b) they’ll whiff 'cause of 3s weirdness, but you’ll hit them with c.jab, so if you have a character like Dudley, you can follow up with another c.jab into super.
c) you’ll jab into something else.

the idea is, that you know have options rather than simply block after teching a throw. Hence, “option select.”

Squeamz, there’s an article about it floating around on the Shoryuken website. It’ll tell you more there.