Team Control


LOL. Perhaps you should set your sights a little higher.



to be in team control all you have to do is bump the thread now and then.

incase nobody knew i posted a vid link where it says “david is david.”

and that team scrub movie should be re-posted kuz there are people scrubbier than us who want to view it.


I am from cow country. But occasionally, I get to bring my hamburger patties to EC majors.

What? Are you kidding me? You’re not gonna make me castrate some cows or atleast beatup a current member? What happened to initiation these days?

Anyway, I am set on going to evo2k4 next year. I hope to meet you all :slight_smile:


The Team Control Scrub Exhibition

The Team Control Scrub Exhibition is temporarly back up. So get it while you can, guys. Oh and remember. Use the “Save Target As” command to obtain the file.



Just letting u guys know that our first tourney for the new season will be 3rd Strike 5on5 next Sunday at Family Fun Arcade


Don’t you mean get beat up by a current member, not vice-versa. Anyway I’m always up to initiatiating new members.


Hahahah…first true leader of team control…I’m taking that as an insult.

I’m not totally sure if I’ll be coming back that weekend. In fact, right now it’s looking llike I probably won’t. It all comes down to when I can get someone else to drive me down.

You see, legally I can drive. It’s been long enough since my last seizure in the state of Cali that my license shold be given back. Of course, that time doesn’t account for the DMV’s slooow ass, so I won’t have my license for a while yet. Probably not even by time school starts.



Hey, guys. Let’s all keep the 3S scene going and make it to this one. It’s a shame you might not be able to come, Chris. But the rest of y’all, we all gotta carpool our asses over to Granada and show everyone just how scrubby Team Control is.

I was thinking we can cancel the getogether on Saturday so we can make the FF tournament. David! That includes you! Unleash your 12, sleeping beast!



5 on 5. interesting. if we can’t find 5 souls then i’ll come out of retirement. remember, i haven’t touched the game since we made the exhibition movie (about 1 1/2 months ago) and i didn’t play the game for 3 weeks prior to making the movie so it’s best not to include me. these hands are rusty.

on a brighter note here’s something to cheer us low tier abusers: asdf


Stop the BS, David. You’re so coming with us to Family Fun and you’re so showing your 12 to the rest of the world. If you got free time next week, maybe we can all get together one night and shake the ring rust.



Guys, does anyone have some tips or elena strats for me? Chris is threatening to beat me down with my own character because I bashed healing as a super, so now he’s all pissed. I don’t want another repeat of that david incident, but in the arcade I can’t blame the crappy mas sticks when he legitimately beats my ass. Somebody’s gotta help me before he beats me with my own best character!


Dude, you’re just screwed. Retire.



Coeur Artificiel: jesus I can’t say this with a straight face any longer…healing sucks
ToxinDuJour: wtf dude
ToxinDuJour: it’s hella good
ToxinDuJour: I told you it’s hella good
ToxinDuJour: I’ve been preaching that shit
ToxinDuJour: it’s hella good

Notice how, logically, Eliot can’t defend his position against mine.


where does team control play?


ToxinDuJour: I wish I could go to an arcade right now
CoeurArtificiel: So you could beat me?
ToxinDuJour: I STILL will
ToxinDuJour: I will beat your slow and scrubby elena
ToxinDuJour: I have to go to a family thing right now
CoeurArtificiel: I’m scared now, dude
ToxinDuJour: Remember what I said

Notice how chris takes things to the extreme. Would I do the same thing in his position? Only if he treated me like the asshole I just found out he is after that little transaction.

Oh, yeah, and we play at UCI (all except MutantXP and Rustblade), sometimes camelot, and sometimes super arcade.


Hey, Vic. You remember Abel? Big Mexican Dudley user? He’s our fearless leader.

As of now, I think Team Control will be at Family Fun this Sunday for the 5 on 5. So there you go. Another 10 bucks in the pot for the tournament!



in the spirit of recent posts:

rustblade9: I think I’m gonna quit streetfighter.
me: why? You’re urien is good dude, don’t give up.
rustblade9: I found me some ass to tap.
me: Oh. Well, it was great havin’ you around, kid. Good luck with your life.

and anthony’s our fearless leader. He’s the one that stared death in the eyes whenever the 700lbs refrigerator nearly turned him into a pancake. No man will ever live up to that. No man we know at least. Maybe Chris, but, he’d probably tell the fridge to back the fuck up and the fridge would move out of his way.


who will be driving to family fun? my mom’s car is in the shop and she’ll be borrowing mine for the meantime and i doubt it’ll get it back anytime this week.

anybody willing to take a cpr course with me at uci? pm me if you’re thinking about it. for those looking for employment it’s good to have on the resume.

i don’t play 3s at uci anymore…


I thought about it, but realized Chris is the only one I want to lock lips with.


Anthony & Marvin,

Great games today at super arcade. You guys showed me that your team has lots of promise in the 3S community. I know you guys will do well in the 5 on 5 at FF this coming sunday.

Also, thanks for helping me with my one week old remy. Its going to be impossible to get him tourney ready for this sunday, but i will keep trying.

See you guys on sunday.

Peace out…