Team Creation Questions

I’ve played CvS2 in the past, but merely as a passing time. However, now I’d like to get into it more seriously. Nevertheless, my first hurdle seems to be choosing and creating a team in which I would like to fully learn and explore. After viewing many tier threads, reading a few topics, etc. I mostly narrowed it down to two main characters: Blanka and Sagat with C/A-groove. However, the last pic is something which I, quite honestly, have no expertise in deciding.

I am struggling to decide whether to pic Guile or Honda (maybe a Rolento). But focusing more on those two optional characters presented, which one should I choose with the two team members I have already chosen? I would like the character to round the combination up nicely, make for a diverse and possible hard match-up on the opponent (ala. mix of various play styles with characters, flexibility, etc.). In addition, if not understood already, I’d like my team to be adaptable in the sense that regardless of almost any team my opponent would make, which character would help to decrease the chance of that negatively affecting me in all of the possible match-up options? I am very flexible as a player and could adapt to playing any style, so that is no problem.

And lastly, when you respond it would be very helpful if you could explain your reasoning and perhaps give some insight into the best way (generally) to play this team combination, and what team specific skills I should start honing the most when first picking this team up.

Thanks for the help.


EDIT: Changed to C/A as I’m unsure with Guile or Honda if the A might allow for more versitility, when teamed with Sagat/Blanka A.

Well, lets see

If you want to play C groove, Blanka/Sagat are probably two of the best characters to have on it. C Rolento is pretty well thought of, C Honda as well (if you can RC 360 motions decent) but I’d have to say C Guile is a pain in the ass if you use him to lead off the match. I would say go C-Guile, Blanka, 2-Sagat if you want to have a powerful team (watch some Daigo vids) or C Blanka, Rolento, 2-Sagat if you want your team to be a bit more memorable.

Now, if you want to play A Groove, screw Sagat, there are better choices. You haven’t mentioned that you like playing Sakura or Bison (A groove powerhouses), so using the characters you mentioned, I’d say go A-Honda, Rolento, 2-Blanka. Practice Blankas midscreen custom, rolentos (near) full screen custom, and RC 360/hands with Honda. Honda only has a crappy corner custom, so use him as a battery and try not to burn too much meter with him. Pass the meter off to rolento, have him burn it (he builds meter fairly fast) and keep the pressure on. Blanka is just blanka, powerhouse in nearly any groove, and will make a fine anchor for the team even if you can’t end up landing the custom. The team will be a bit weaker than the C groove team above (IMO, it really depends on your play style), but still competitive.

Good luck choosing! Remember, no team will probably beat Cammy/Blanka/Sagat for C, or Blanka/Sakura/Bison for A, but pick one that you can put your own personal touch on and enjoy (without going too overboard and playing S-Athena, Benimaru, 2-Zangeif : P)

:confused: :confused: crack kills

I’m not saying he can’t beat those teams, I’m saying if he’s trying to choose a strong team then those teams can’t be beat (i.e. they’re the strongest)

personally, i would say that C is your groove. with the exception of rolento and blanka, none of the characters have customs that are good/practical. Unfortunately, blanka is less menacing in c groove but almost every other character benfits from c groove more than a. as for a team, normally people form teams by putting it in the order of Battery/meter user/anchor (r2)

so for an idea, blanka and sagat can go anywhere, rolento is best as a user or an anchor, honda and guile are best as batteries.

Or you can use K groove…no battery/meter/user…just all out. Of course you’re screwed against A Sak but eh

I say go with C-Groove and pick Guile/Honda, Sagat, and Blanka-R2.

Guile and Honda are great batteries for Sagat, and proceed on with Blanka for cleanup.
Or go with Blanka, Guile, and Sagat-R2. That’s not so bad I guess.

then he would have to learn to rc