Team Crooked Jester's Halloween Havoc Major - Edison, NJ - 10/27-10/28


Team Crooked Jester is running its SECOND major tournament in just a few months! Our last major tournament attracted a surprising 60-80 players over the course of the entire weekend. Its going to be warmer this time around so it will all be better. As usual, we’ll make sure to have lots of food and pleasantries. This major tournament will cover many major fighting games as well as several less well-known fighting games.


Saturday October 27 to Sunday October 28
8 Emerson St
Edison, NJ 08820
[]Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 131
]Make RIGHT onto Highway 27
[]Make RIGHT at FIRST light onto Wood Ave (between two gas stations)
]Make LEFT at THIRD light onto Inman Ave
[]PASS first light (Featherbed Lane)
]Take IMMEDIATE LEFT onto Ahmerst Ave
[*]Ahmerst Ave becomes Emerson St at bend.
We are literally 5 minutes away from the Edison Metropark Train station and players will be more than happy to pick you up if you are coming by plane or train. The train schedule is available online at:

Main Events:
[]Soul Calibur 3
]Narutimate Accel
[]Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
]Virtua Fighter 5
Possible Undercard Events:
[]Arcana Heart
]Big Bang Beat
[]Bleach Blade Battlers 2
]Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
[]Melty Blood Act Cadenza
]Soul Calibur 2
[]Soul Calibur 3 Teams
]Tekken Tag Tournament
Saturday, October 27, 2007
2:00 PM for Soul Calibur 3
4:00 PM for Virtua Fighter 5
6:00 PM for Narutimate Accel
8:00 PM for Undercard Events

Sunday, October 28, 2007
4:00 PM for Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
6:00 PM for Undercard Events
8:00 PM for Undercard Events

Times for all other games are TBD. The Mystery Game got a LOT of good reviews at our last major tournament! We did Blast Factor Grudge Mode last time, and we probably wont be doing the same this time. As usual, don’t ask me for hints as it will be a surprise.

[]Soul Calibur 3 will run standard TCJ rules.
]Narutimate Accela will run standard SSR rules.
[]Tekken 5 DR will run nationaly accepted rules.
]Virtua Fighter 5 will run nationaly accepted rules.
[]Squatting during casual play is prohibited (no calling “one more! rematch!”)
]You must take a shower before coming to our tournaments (no stinkers)
[]No smoking inside the house (thats what the garage and deck are for)
]Be clean and courteous (clean up after yourself)
[]Don’t walk in front of TVs when matches are being played.
]Don’t throw or punch the house sticks.
[]You can be banned from house stick use.
]We reserve the right to ban people altogether.
[]We reserve the right to search anyone who is suspected of stealing.
]Respect my house and other players in the tournament.

Crooked Jester does have their own house sticks! However, it is recommened that you bring your own controllers or sticks because each stick has a personal feel… and personally I would rather not people keep on breaking all of my sticks. The tournament will be run on 4 big screen televisions; as well as any other televisions we can get our hands on for the weekend. One 48" RCA Proscan SDTV, two 50" Sony WEGA SXRD HDTVs and a 38" Sony WEGA SDTV. Any match recorded on the main screen will be recorded and put on the web for download. You may request to not have your videos open to the public; in which case they will be posted on a private section of this forum open only to Crooked Jester tournament regulars.


Since the tournaments will be on console, there will be a tournament fee and house fee. The house fee is seperate from the games, so the entire entree fee for tournaments will go to the pot. I dont know the exact number of people we expect to have at this tournament; so I dont know how much space I will have to house people. Unless you have cleared it with an NJ local to stay at their place for the weekend, you should make your own accomodations for housing.
[]$10 Main Events
]$5 Undercard Events
[*]$10 Mandatory House Fee!
Please don’t be late. If you are going to be late, call us before hand so we can hold the start till you arrive. If you have been to one of our tournaments before, you should have recieved someone’s phone number in which you can contact.


totally sweet lineup of capcom games

i like this post, i think i’ll treasure it

Looking at the title, I felt like I had to go.

Looking at the game list, I no longer feel that way.

I’m there, I’ll post up on the SC forums as well.
-Q.GrayFox / Xiomar

Come holla at a player when you get that AC confirmed son/

Major Failure?

Where’s the major fighting games?

New Jersey? Yeah!

Soul Calibur… not so much.

It looks like Jaxel forgot to put up some 3S/CvS2/ST in his tourney.

If I can get a count of at least 16 people to show for those games then I’ll try to get Jaxel to let me run those tourneys.

put ST IN PLEASE and 3S is a def no matter what hell ill even play cvs and min noes im garbage at it lol

For the mystery game, we are considering…

Halo 3 Two Headed Dragon rules!

no marvel? :confused:

Why is this post on SRK? Just put it on Dustloop and TZ


This is the gayest shit i’ve ever heard of. 3d games ftl.

Jaxel your doing your thing man…dont worry I was there once to lol…just post up on the apporiate boards and ur fine. SRK is more for 3s/st/mvc2/cvs2 crowd…for example take my thread … — thats an event srk would like based on demographics…

Here are some sites to check out if you havent

Those sites are more for you then SRK is…

If you need help im me at lightxdream SRK always likes to help

Makotoscrub see u at SSN lollerstakes lol


Keep This Garbage Off SRK!!!

Alex, dont be a prick… I’ve been running tournaments longer than you have and you know that… My last major tournament attracted 60-70 people on its own; you’ve never been able to pull such a big crowd for 3D fighting games. Besides, the while the main events are 3D fighters, there are 2D undercard events… And I dont exactly go into your tournament threads and start insulting your tournaments; even though your tournaments always seem to be dated in direct conflict against mine…

Yes, I know you were being polite about it, but an insult is an insult no matter what… when it comes down to it, the only reason for your post was so that you could advertise your tournament in my thread because your tournaments never get any turnout. At least I dont go off charging $15 venue fees with $2 tournament entries…

Mystery game has been confirmed for Blast Factor and Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix X’ Mode.

Sorry guys… but things have changed again… Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix will NOT be the mystery game. We were kind of upset about the idea of having a game that people know, have played for years and will have practiced extensively on before the tournament… So we were searching for a new game… and we found it! Just like with Blast Factor; five minutes into the game we knew we had a golden winner!

Very much like Blast Factor, we will not tell you what the game is until 1 week before the tournament. I will however, give hints. Anyone who doubted the last mystery game was quickly silenced when they learned how awesome Blast Factor was… this new game is even better and manages to turn the “eye strain” up even more! This game is fun, but at the same time extremely hard and unforgiving! Each player gets identical “units”, making the game well balanced. The game supports up to 6 players, but we will be doing 4 player battles only.

The mystery game tournament will follow the same rules as the last. Top two players move on, the bottom two drop out; double elimination. The game has about 10 different “stages” and about 20 different “rule sets”. So in order to handle this, each group of players will keep on playing on “RANDOM”. Random will randomly select a different stage with different rules each time. First player to reach 500 wins; second place is awarded to the next person’s highest score. (Very much like Rummy 500, it adds your scores at the end of each round) The game controls easier than Blast Factor as well.