Team Decerto Need A Player!


First off if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it to the appropriate section.

I am Console manager for the Organisation Team Decerto.

Team Decerto is an eSports organization born back in 2003 and since then part of the Brood War scene, then in 2005 it became multigaming thanks to the effort of many committed people whom worked hard to make this organization part of the the multigaming scene and some of the best leagues around the world. Many are the guys and girls that have been part of its lines and many have contributed to the grow we have had in the past 7 years.

I am here looking for a player to represent our Org in Leagues, Tournaments and Lan events for Xbox 360. We would prefer if you had taken part in Lan although it is not a must but you must have taken part in a Tournament and have good experience at playing competitively.

If you are interested feel free to reply to this thread or apply@
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If you want actual good players and not people who try to sound like they know what they’re talking about, srk is not the right place to look

Thanks for the info mate, so where is the place to be?

sorry man i disagree. i have played some of the members here, and there is some skill on this forum, myself included. i gleefully :qcf::hp: your statement.

If you want to find players worth sponsoring, just go to a major tournament and look for talent (that haven’t already been picked up, ofc). We recently finished an online Evo tournament on 360 last Saturday… while online certainly isn’t the gold standard of competitive SF, you should still find some talented players among the top 16, many of which are not yet sponsored.

On the SRK forums you’ll just get people who come in here and think having a lot of online battle points or stomping on 12 year olds at the GameStop tournament are worthy achievements. :lol: