Team Dilly 4/20 Jam video

I bmx as much as some of you guys play your MvC2/3s and because of that I hang out with a quite a few bmx riders. This is a now yearly “gathering” of local riders through friends and the internet. I missed the first one last year but it kinda rained out the event so I guess I didn’t miss much if anything went down. This year the weather was suprisingly great, 75 degrees partly to mostly sunny. I think I was one of a few that actually smoked during the jam so as you can see in the video I was in chilled out auto-pilote mode. It was still fun but the rails were so un-godly tempted on hitting. Anyway here is a video and you can see my pirate-patch wearing ass during a few parts especially when the black dude landed the ledge hop-over double peg to hop-over…phew! that’s a long trick description!


Hopefully at the next Team Dilly Jam on 6/9 I will be in full force probably eating pavement aka shit.

Good stuff!