Team Discussion - Magneto, Dorm, Dante

I’m going to ramble a bit, so bare with me… I’m seeking advice for my team.
So my team is Magneto, Dormammu, Dante. I don’t know many other tournament players who rock this team, so I’ve been kinda winging it this whole time. My relative game-plan is to play passive neutral while looking for opportunities to maul you with Jam+Magneto. If I get my hit then the team basically snowballs like Zero.
My back up plan at two bars is to DHC to Dormammu and execute the “Forever Zone”. This just means rotating between Jam Session/BBR (Rain). For most members of the cast zoning in this way can literally mean the game is over. Unfortunately there are still plenty of characters who can deal with this really well, cough Vergil cough. It’s also a was of attrition, where I have to make many correct decisions and they seem to only need one.
Once I lose a character the game starts slipping away rapidly, especially if I lose Magneto. The team goes from a 1st world country to sweat shop status over night. I’ve been trying to make the Dormammu/Dante shell stronger and offset the front-heaviness, but it’s hard to force the issue until you get space and can team super. Dormammu is a big fat ass and easily gets put into bad situations. This usually leaves Dante with X-factor 3 coming in against some really aggressive mix-up character.
There aren’t many defensive options to choose from that aren’t easily stuffed or punished. Not having a proper throw-select seems to really hurt Dante and it’s super hard to get your space. Even if you do break free it’s can be difficult to push the issue. Compare this to Vergil who literally and jump + super and win the game and it can be kinda frustrating.
Well anyway, rant over… You guys have any opinions or advice on my team?
Some of my matches for reference:

Some combos for this team I’ve made some time ago. Maybe they help you or other people that play this team (I haven’t seen your matches yet)

I run Zero May Cry (and Wesker/Ryu/Dante for fun sometimes), so I could help with Dante tech.

Though I don’t have much personal experience with Magneto or Dorm, outside of the small amount of time I tinkered around with mags (Although two people I play regularly main both of those the other two). Though I feel like switching Dante and Dorm would help you out a bit, Dante plays better with the help of an assist. Its still entirely possible to go in with a lv 3 xf DT Dante, but a Dorm pushed into a corner with lv3 xf and some meter can put out massive chip.

Ok, I’ve seen your matches. You always tag out dormammu after killing with stalking flare. Was that matchup based? or the mixup is too strong?

To me it seems that the idea of the team is to set up dormammy and by taggin you are playing an inferior version of mag/doom/dante , unless that stalking flare + gravitation is an unblockable or something I’m missing.

I play that shit from time to time and the team is simply get 2-3 bars and get dorm in. Then you play your game with disruptee