Team EUG back in Action


This is vitaliy for anyone that may remember. Trying to build a good SF4 community here in lovely Eugene. Anyone interested in sessioning and tourney play leave a mssg here.


Sup man, this is Jeff/RouletteDares. You playin on Xbox Live?


Sup man, this is Jeff, Theo’s buddy that accidentally DQ’d himself from the GS tourney :tup:


hahaha. Two jeffs thats classic. Sup to both jeffs. I’m playing on ps3 right now cause my friends in town got it for ps3. Now i’m regretting it. I’ll post my ps3 name though as soon as i figure out how to connect it to my router. Hows the sf4 scene looking in seattle?

I remember u jeff. Still got your num was gonna hit u up soon for a practice session. I guess u’ve read that they are having a tourney at groundkontrol. I wanted to go but couldn’t get the day off. The guy that came with me is going.


I didn’t read anything of the sort. Shit.


Its on this forum i think. Its this Saturday at groudkontrol in portland. Sometime around noon i think. Its really easy to find cause its right by chinatown.