Team EUG MvC3 Assemble!


This thread is to build an MvC3 scene in Eugene. Eugene alone used to have 3 ranked player in the MvC2 days. Its time for glory gentlemen! I am posting in hopes of getting weekly sessions and if enough people respond tournaments at Tilt.

This thread will be used to post all Eug MvC3 info. This includes tourneys, tactics, and meet up plans. Post info to get started.

name: Vitaliy
Location:Eug obviously
XBL info:o0RedMenace0o
PSN info:
AIM: none
contact:Best way is to post on forum or email me for now.
MvC3 team: Sent, Dante, Wesk
Session free time: Mon-tue off so free and any evening really.

ps. I’m going to assume that i’m the #1 mvc3 player in EUG just to get things riled up!


That’s like saying you are the smartest kid with down syndrome.


FALL BACK Ronnicle! You dont know who you’re talkin to homie. This dude is legit. :china:

yo Vitash! Sup man. Ummmm. Good idea for the thread. Imma add you to NWSF if that’s cool. There’s already a few ppl in there that play mvc3. Chris, Amir, Seth (Daniel Garret’s bro hahahha) , and maybe more. PM me your number and I’ll tell you about SRKleague cause they are already going to hold tourneys here. Aight meng. Peace.

name: Theo
Location:Eug obviously
XBL info:Kronikboom420 until I change the acct into my name
PSN info:
AIM: none
contact:Best way is to post on forum or email me for now. or fb
Competitive:Very, probably too much.
MvC3 team: haven’t played much. MSS tho?
Session free time: varies


good 1


Oh cool. So instead of posting your info n sessioning to prove me wrong u just talk smack.
Thanks for the response Theo! As soon as I’ve got enough people I’ll set up a meeting off all marvel players in town.


Name: Chris
Location: Eug
XBL info: coBLAC
PSN info: n/a
AIM: livein5
Contact: Forums, phone, whatever.
Competitive: Very
MvC3 team: Sent/Storm/Doom
Session free time: Available whenever.

Yo Vitash, you gotta beat the best to be the best bro. Come get some. LOL

We’re sessioning at my house right now if you want to come through. We were supposed to link up with Q today but he wasn’t answering after we made plans already. Do you have Theo’s number?


Yo chris! Thanks for the legit response. Id love to come out tonight but Sadly I close tonigh n tomorrow but then I’m free the rest of the week. I pm Theo my cell but don’t have his yet. It’s a shame cause I really wanted to play some live matches. Ranked matches are too easy.

Well keep in touch I’m going to see if I can get Q to come sesh sometime this week.


Word, I’ll PM you my number and we can set up something soon, preferably asap.


I actually could still make it to tonights sessions if you guys are up late. Pm me ur # stat or have Theo call me. I’m off at midnight.


Sup gentlemen? MvC3 and SSF4 tournament in Eugene area on March 6th!

Also, personally:

Name: Tim
Location: Eugene/Springfield
XBL info: -
PSN info: woofchee
AIM: parodyofghandi
Contact: Forums, shoryukenleague at facebook, w/e
Competitive: Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne
MvC3 team: Arthur/Akuma/Chun
Session free time: Always busy except when I’m not and then I’m usually pretty drunk


Name: Richie
Location: Florence
XBL: -
PSN: Magyver_WSA
AIM: -
Contact: Forums, FB
Competitive: Very
MvC team: Wolvie/Task/Doom
Sessions free time: Whenever i can get over to Eug I’m down to play


Tim & Richie thanks for the response. That puts us at 5 plus 2 that i know will post soon. I think thats enough for a session before the March 6th tournament. Anyone down for Wednesday? Julius and i both have the day off. I can probably convince Q to come as well. Chris you got my # and so does Theo so hit me up.

P.s. I don’t have a location to sesh but i’m sure we can figure something out.


name: Jeff
XBL info:Sir Web Slinger
PSN info:
AIM: pecopingpong
contact: AIM/Forums
Competitive: Meh, X Factor and Sent make this game silly.
MvC3 team: Spidey/Deadpool/Sent
Session free time: My schedule isn’t really locked down into anything what with school and work causing troubles for my free time. Best thing for me is probably Xbox Live and appearing at local tournies… so, that!


Not sure about having all you guys over at my place on wednesday, it’ll depend on how many people are trying to session, but I can always bring a setup(including TV) to a different location if there ends up being too many for my place.


So far I’m the only one that is down to sesh. I’m guessing it won’t be that many people.


I’m on some mvc3 tonight, anyone want a piece? The filthy suite isn’t optimal, so someone figure out a spot!


I’m open to having 3-4 other people at my place tonight.


seems that the sesh location is the only problem, we have a good number of people interested if there’s a good location to fit all of the guys.

also, 'sup?


I’m innit, who else we got?
Yo Blaze: no drunks except me on the page for tonight, so what up? lol


Perhaps someone should talk to the most salinized igneous quarry, Rocky.