Team Exchange some times not coming out?

Hey guys, searched around and couldn’t figure it out…

I’m running Wesk/IronMan/Task and having an issue with my team exchange.

My combo is basically:

Wesk BnB, Iron Man Assist, Relaunch, B, B, Down Exchange…

I then want to finish off with Task air combo into super but the exchange comes out like once every 5 times. I have input turned on and I am definitely hitting the down before the ‘S’

Is there some secret team exchange rule I don’t know about?


My TAC occasionally and seemingly randomly misfires, but I just chalked it up to the fact that labbing Marvel has broken two of my controllers (lost sensitivity on one controller, and the other controller randomly turns off from pressing back, up back, or up on the d-pad). Didn’t think anything else of it… might be some other randomness at work though.

If there is something else at play though, it certainly isn’t Wesker-specific.

When you use an assist, you’re locked out from all team-oriented actions (other assists, tags, DHCs, team supers, and so on) until your assists “reload” (which actually occurs a few frames *before *it says “ASSIST OK” on the lifebar; also, the assist you *didn’t *use reloads faster than the assist you *did *use, which is why you can get air exchanges to occur in the “wrong” order). You are probably trying to air tag too quickly following a combo involving an assist. Slow down the post-assist part or the air combo at the end for more consistency.

Use the wallbounce after Iron man assist, teeport follow-up, relaunch, air H, then exchange and you should get tasky out. The problem with exchanging into your third character is that you have to switch up your strategies and learn your team in that order which is a little extra work.