Team FFA United Qualifiers: SSF4 Ranbat 1.3 at Family Fun Arcade (SoCal), June 12th

This is a community-focused SSF4 Ranking Battle series for our regulars at FFA, but all visitors are welcome! This time around, we’ll be providing a new incentive to place in the Top 3 of the season (this one being particularly short as Evo is right around the corner).

This RanBat will be used as qualifiers for our upcoming FFA United project for the Top 3 players of the season. This will be a sponsored team of local FFA players to represent us in future events, both Home and Away. Members will receive a customized FFA United jersey to wear at events and have entry fees (pending approval) covered. Other benefits (like free joystick repairs and parts, discount/free nights on FFA consoles, etc) will be announced soon!

Game: Super Street Fighter IV
Platform: Xbox 360 (3-4 Stations)
Start Time: 1pm Registration, 2pm Tournament
End Time: 6-7pm (Estimated)
Location: Family Fun Arcade, 10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 360-0419
Fees: $5 Registration, $2 Venue/Console
Prizes: 70/20/10% of Registration Pot for 1st/2nd/3rd Place
Point Structure: 10/7/5/3/1 for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th Place

-This is a Double-Elimination tournament, best 2 of 3 games per match. If you lost your first match, YOU ARE STILL IN.
-Games are 2/3 rounds, 99 Timer, no handicap.
-If you win a game, you must keep that character. In a compromise between FFA and EVO rules for Ultra selection, you will be allowed to free-select Ultra, but as winner, you must pick your Ultra FIRST (you may still select Ultra based on your opponent’s character). For future reference this will be known as “Winner Picks First”.
-Double-Blind Pick for Character/Ultra will be available upon request.
-No restriction on infinite combos or characters. Glitches are allowed if they do not crash (soft-crash or hard-crash) the game.
-BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER. Note: Absolutely no wireless controllers will be allowed. FFA has two setups with Japanese (Sanwa/Mad Catz) joysticks and one setup with American (Happ Competition) joysticks, as well as USB hubs to allow mixed controller-type use. Also, no turbo/programming allowed. PPP/KKK Macros are okay.
-Sudden Death: In the event of a tie, an additional game will be played with Double-Blind Pick.
-Controller Failure: If you suspect your controller of malfunctioning, immediately raise your hands to halt the match. You may not retroactively call controller failure after a round or match has finished. This will be penalized as a Forfeiture if abused to gain an advantage in a match.
-Button Configuration: If you forget to perform a button check, it is up to your opponent to allow a reset of the match. This is not the same as a Controller Failure and will be penalized as a Forfeiture if abused to gain an advantage in a match.
-DQ/Forfeiture: If you cause interference during a match (due to pausing or physical distraction), you are subject to forfeiture of the round. If it is deemed intentional, you may be subject to a two-round forfeiture or outright disqualification. (Exceptions: Accidental Pausing during Ultra/Super animations if the character is already hit may be overlooked)
-Cover-My-Ass-Clause: In case of a dispute that is covered by this ruleset, final decision will be made by a judge. In the case of an event not covered by this ruleset, all decisions made by judges are final.

Special Notes
-Top 3 in each Ranking Battle tournament receive free registration ($5 discount) to the next tournament ONLY. This does not cover venue fee ($2).

RanBat Schedule
May 22nd
June 5th
June 12th
June 26th
July 3rd

Note #1: May 29th (NCR), June 19th (Devastation) and July 10th (Evolution) will have no events on those weekends. No further exceptions can be made for our schedule.

Note #2: No, I can’t be part of the team. Well, maybe I’ll be that weird mysterious 4th person. If I place top 3 for some dumb reason, my spot goes to the 4th-ranking player. Also, I believe Justin Wong has contractual restrictions on sponsorship (Jinx, etc), so he won’t count either since team members would have to wear FFA jerseys to tournaments.

Results Page: Link

Ranbat Point Total:

Vicious: 10
Hugo101: 7
Arlieth: 5
Jesse: 3
DJ Vest: 1
JoeDubbs: 1

Yo Ralph,

I think FFA was much better when I was the creative head. I wasn’t taking 2nd rate ideas.

Tell me how I can help you.

You’re just mad that I thought of it first.

Anyways, why do you even care? No disrespect to Denjin, but you’re making it look bad.

nice, cant wait to see what everyone will bring to the table this weekend.

What did you think of first? How am I making Denjin look bad? I already said this isn’t about FFA or Denjin, this is about you being a fucking clown.

Allright, well there you have it folks, this is apparently personal. Which means this should go to PM.

man…really wish i could make it to this. unfortunately this saturday is my going away party and by 6 pm i at least should be well on my way to be, if not already, smashed! thanks for the invite tho man i appreciate it! Gl everyone

I’m showin’ up for this one! Been missin’ out on a few of these lately.

i got this

Very good chance that I’m going to be attending this.

Will Fervor aka “Kilomax” Sanchez be running a CvS2 side tournament?

Hmmmm, we’ll see. I always rage when CvS2 takes up people who could be playing matches for SF4 but honestly what’s really holding CvS2 back is the fact that we only have one good cabinet. We’re waiting on some more Cherry switches to fix up the side-by-side CvS2. In the end it’s up to Kilomax. I’m okay with CvS2 singles tourneys.

How long does this usually run for? I got someone to pick up at LAX at 8.

Kitori: Usually ends by 7pm.

If you really want to be an ass, you can have your friend take the LAX Flyaway Shuttle to Van Nuys (which is like, 1 mile away from FFA, no joke) and costs 7 bucks.

Ralph, fix my stick.

I’ve always had a great time at FFA Tournaments and Arlieth has been doing a great job in my opinion. No reason for all the hate

AKA Soz: Hey, which stick is yours? Just wondering, there’s a few sticks being fixed at the moment.

Tourney in two days- If you think you’re gonna be late, post in this thread to pre-reg so I can reserve a spot for you.

Heading there in a moment. Wooo first live tourney in a while :stuck_out_tongue: