Team Florida 5member money match

Blaziniflo, Eder, Garvin, Sentinalll, Mixup. Vercette and Allen will be the alternates if Mixup doesn’t go.

2of3, Last man standing, $50.

Post up, and we’ll see if we accept.

Has to be reasonable teams. Like Team Free or such.

team 3 will gladly take your money

We won’t accept offers from team free. You must substitute a few members. Team free is homo and we are homophobic.

if you scaryied just say you scaryied

tell us who we should substitute

we are def scared of team free. Clock and shady are okay. Only 1 of potts, counterstrike or will can be on the team.

Joe. R/Rudy/Ronald

We will take that bet…

Could have told me about this before you posted it!

Oh well, I will do it for fun. Why the hell not, I mean its only might Right!:devil: :devil: This game is the devil itself!

this game is pure evil…

Me ( Spiral/sentinel/cap)
Me ( Spiral/Cable/Sent)
Me ( Spiral/sentinel/cyc)
Me ( Spiral/Cable/Sent)
Me ( Spiral/sentinel/cap)

versus you guys - beat me 5 times in a row and you win :slight_smile: - well if its 2/3 then beat me a lot more and you win.


Hahaha duc you bastard :frowning:


I don’t see a problem with that, besides, you owe me a rematch from last year. I lost on account I couldn’t stop from laughing.

my dick there’s not a problem with that. 5ducs? Gimmick central. If you want to play him for 50 go ahead, but don’t get the rest of us hustled like a couple of schmucks.

Duc, not accepted.

I never agreed to the team, I said I didn’t see a problem with that. Get it straight.

chunkasaurus REX


finesse, illan, fanatiq, megamands, and me




now again, these acceptances are under the conditon that both sindel and mixup go. If not we’ll still play, but we might have to change things up a bit.

Also, accepting now are Orlando and G-ville teams, me and eder will verse the follow players from the 5 man teams…

Team N.O. - Pat and Duane

Team SoCal - Crizzle and Cableguy

Team FFA - Fanatiq and MMDS.

Any other offers will be considered.

3/5 rounds each match, 20 bucks a team.

What about Korngo? =[