Team Florida shits on Phil challenge --- will he accept?

Me vs Phil Marvel ft10, spot 3games for 1g.
Garvin vs Phil Marvel ft10, spot 3 games for 1g.
Eder vs Phil Marvel ft10, spot 3 games for 1g.
Flash Metroid vs Phil in all 5 2d Evo games (MvC2, ST, CvS2, 3S, GG) (3/5 or 4/7 each), 3of5 games wins, for 1g.

YEEESSSSSS!!! :rock::lovin::lovin::lovin::rock:

I was just WAITING for this one.

come on guys lets be real we know dsp isn’t balling like that better subtract a zero

that’s free for florida all day lol

Agreed. You should make it $100 per person. Maybe his pride will actually make him accept. Then again, you never know how strong those coward genes are…

how exciting

also lol at spotting only 3 games

gayziniflo is pussy

Lower it to a 100$

Florida will still shit on him just like back then

who cares

phil wont bet this much and sucks at mvc2 lol

and i thought phil was a attention whore…

who the hell is phil?

if fagnus didn’t have his gag reflex…

he might’ve beat nelson…

and 3 games is what nelson beat fagnus by…so i figure it’s my lucky number.

I guess this is your way of thanking bill for housing you for a week…


Bill know I love him.

i don’t do moneymatches and i sure as hell wouldn’t break this practice by playing you scrubs.

please close thread.

we’ll give you 2to1 odds.

just delete the thread this is pointless

hes already planning to get raped at evo by OGs/Japan he doesnt wanna get raped any harder

play him for push ups you get the satisifaction of beating him and you can record him as he struggles past 20