Team Fortress 2 thread V2: The Gun Mettle update is LIVE

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Let’s hopefully keep this thread more updated…and TF2 is now free to play forever!<br>
Worried about WTF did you have to pay for…<a rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" href=“”>Free/Premium Account FAQ</a>!

YES! Would you mind putting up “free 2 play this whole week” on the thread title to garner more players?

I <3 my realistic hat simulator.

I would really like to play with some of you guys but after watching some of your vids (dont really remember who’s) im pretty intimidated. Some of you are freakin’ good at this game and im just a scrub noob.

Meh…it’s still made fun for all, even noobs.
As long as you know what you are doing.

This game has a pretty lenient learning curve. Just by playing, you will pick up on things pretty quickly. I recommend playing the Medic to start off. You don’t kill people that much but you learn how to be mindful of your surroundings. Take notice of where the engineers place sentries, how scouts flank the other team, How Pyro’s ambush, etc.

This game isn’t like your run of the mill grimdark shooter. It’s team-based, meaning that if your team loses, it’s not because one player is holding them back, but that the entire team can’t cooperate.

It also helps that you will get addicted to this game after awhile…

Pick Pyro and equip the backburner. You’ll be just fine. Maybe even loved by some on the server.

I’m so excited for this new update and I’ve barely touched the game in forever

Let’s do it

Is Backburner pyro really that buff since it got the puff ability added to it? I’ve still been doing degreaser/fire axe

Was TF1 ever popular? I didnt even hear about the game, wonder if they’ll ever make TF3?

  • 10% damage was also added to BB

Meet the Pyrocar!


I may have to dust off the old backburner, it still has a stigma in my mind because if you used it, you were a pyro scrub. Not so much anymore it seems.

And TF1 was fun, my friend got me hooked on it; he used to play Medic who had a medpack instead of a gun, and if you hit opponents with it they got a dot that did damage like the pyros burn effect. He called it “Aids”. Too bad it was a grenade fest

I’m pretty MEH about TF2 updates these days. More gimmicky weapons and payload maps, woo…

Team Fortress was a mod for Quake back in 1996. Was very different from TF2 tho. The creators got hired up by Valve and they released Team Fortress Classic (a remake of TF in the Source engine) in 1999. TF2 was announced around the same time … so for a while it was Duke Nukem-style vaporware.

I don’t know hard numbers, but TF was popular enough to have (unofficial) remakes in all sorts of different games … Quake 2/3, UT, ET…

I don’t recommend this. Any of the DM classes let you join the game and do the obvious “shoot the other team” thing. A new player on Medic will just be wondering 1) Why can’t I kill things 2) What am I really supposed to be doing? Although pub servers are usually desperate for medics, just picking medigun and holding M1 won’t do much if you don’t understand ubers, map/match flow, and the dynamics of the classes you’re supposed to be healing.

It is been hinted that Valve will be adding a new “Raid” mode in this update. There is always the option of playing mods if you get tired of the normal content.

  1. You’re a Medic
  2. Be a Medic

It helps if you are not the only Medic in your team. Just emulate the way another Medic moves around while healing to not get shot or back stabbed.

I can’t believe I forgot about this, but they have added a coaching system where a player can be summoned to help you if you want to know where to go, which classes you should take priority in killing, etc.


I’m interested in the new minigun and shotgun for the heavy as well as the new spy revolver, but with my luck there is not way i’ll get them from a drop until after i craft one.

Quite the contrary, I wish they’d put out some new 5CP maps… and another GPit-style map (or two).

Perhaps … nothing frustrates me more, though, than being on a server and seeing a new medic who read the “heavies are good medic buddies” protip on the loading screen and proceeds to latch on to the nearest Russian for the remainder of the round.

As a medic…I tend to be all over the place healing everyone that needs it.
One thing I don’t like is when Scouts scream MEDIC…yet keep running.

I seriously hope for a Raid Mode that shit would be AWESOME, especially with drops at the end and everyone rolling “Need/Greed” hahaha

And I agree 5cp maps are really fun

Ive played the game before, I played it a lot on the 360 when it was kind of popular there. Im not unfamiliar with the game but you guys (some of you) are on a whole different level. Its also been a while since I have really played it. I got on the pc a few times and messed around but nothing serious. I dont have any friends on there that play it and finding a game is really confusing to me. I have one guy on my friends list from srk but he’s one of those guys thats really good so I dont wanna be buggin’ him.

When I played it on the 360 I mostly ran Medic and Soldier with a little Spy and Scout in there as needed. It was really basic on the 360 though. There was no gear swapping and hats and shit like that. Just pick the class you want and play. Now you have to pick load outs and different gear and whatevers. I cant even figure out how you get that shit other than to pay for it.

You can unlock the classes’ secondary weapons by unlocking their respective achievement sets.
You can also craft them…or get them by random drops.

You can still “pick and play” on PC … default loadouts are perfectly adequate (and in a lot of cases, the best option anyway).