| Team Gamefaqs vs. SRK | ONLINE TOURNEY | 10/2/2009 |

A team of some of the best players from gamefaqs.com is issuing an online challenge to SRK! There are 8 members from gamefaqs (GTs will be posted pending SRK’s interest in this event) who are awaiting a team of individuals from SRK to accept the challenge!

What we’ve done is assembled a team of 8 of the most talented Street Fighter 4 players that regularly post on gamefaqs.com, and that team wants take on what’s been deemed as THE fighting game forum. We propose that SRK take the time to nominate 8 of it’s players, and that team of 8 will face our team of 8 on 9/30/09 (unless there are objections/suggestions).

I have been coordinating the events thus far from the gamefaqs side, and so any questions, issues, concernes, quips or proposals can either be sent to me via xbox live, or posted in this thread.

This is a unique challange, and so the tournament/comp between gfaqs and SRK will feel similar to the standard tournament rules with a few exceptions.

-No one from the same team will fight each other.
-This is a double elimination comp/tourney.
-The comp/tourney will continue until one team has totally been eliminated.

There is MUCH more info to be shared, and more detail to be delved into. But for now, this thread serves to see what type of interest can be generated. So, SRK. What do you say???

I can’t wait to hear more input on how bad FAQs is gonna lose, but how they’re not going to participate.

and please no flaming. Lets keep this as civil as it can be.

I’m neutral since I go to both forums, so…

SRK blow out. Easily.

Mita thanks for settting this up. Why dont you give them our roster so they know who they would be fighting and see if they had fought us before?


Mr.SNK Reporting for SRK.

BTW I’m not Mike Ross. :rofl:

eh, here’s whats been happening in the other thread

Apparently the current teams are
Team GameFaqs
-TasteOf Victory
-D2M Shotty D2M
-Cannon Spook

Team SRK

Captain- Mr SNK. hijacking your teams is his life
-SRK Raeli
-JuiceBox Abel
-Mickey D’

If you are interested in joining the team, i would suggest battling each other for it or sucking up to SNK. Just a suggestion :sweat:

I’ll play.

im not crazy but im pretty solid. let me know if you guys need me i’ll play.

Mr. SNk gonna perfect some peeps i’m already calling it.

if u guys need back up pm me.

LOL Lemme go first sarge!

I believe in Mr. SNK!

Gief here. Ready to battle for a spot.

You better rape some Kids D. Someone needs to fight him so he can Churn that butta.

Eric’s Lazy ass needs to get here as well.

Remember when we were on the other side of this. :rofl:

Isn’t Swiftdeaths that 60bp Akuma? If so then this should be fun.

The only 2 that I know is solid is Mr SNK and Hold Dat…hope srk dont lose badly…

Oh dat buttas a churnin.

So once you decide on your 8 for SRK, I’ll go ahead and beat the member of your choice for their spot. Just don’t put me up against SNK, I don’t wanna knock him out, we’re prolly gonna be playing in the same living room. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you asshole.

I’m going to take the role of Captain. So people need to report in.
If you don’t want in or can’t take the day off of work then you need to speak up now.

Nice. Let’s do this at my place, what time? I’m gonna get someone to cover my shift.

I’m waiting on the details.