Team Getty 5v5 Exhibition Tournament Feb.20th Sat 2010


DATE: Sat, Feb 20th 2010

LOCATION: Lovegetty Station, Markham

Street Fighter 4

1st = 80%
2nd = 20%
3rd = Nothing because you failed to get 1st or 2nd:nono: that means me

4:00pm Registration Begins

5v5 Team Tournament
No character lock
Multiple characters allowed
Blind order pick

If you are playing in a Wf/Lf/Gf and you lose the first set you are allowed to change character and order of team, however you are not allowed to change character or order if you win a set

double elimination tournament
1 game per match
2 out of 3 games per semi final match
2 out of 3 games grand finals

Due to the way the last tourney was run, we are gonna CAP the amount of teams allowed to enter at 8 Teams.
Please post your Team and I will add you in.
If there is a over volume of teams wishing to enter we will either

A) get all the teams in
B) Take vote on which teams should be allowed.

Entrance Fee
$10 a head = $50 a team


BlitzMan_G, Spiralguy, ask whoever from Team Getty or someone who looks smart… IE not teddy


Team Getty ft??? (BlitzMan, Shaun, Spiral,???,???


3v3 > 5v5


5v5? O… K buddy.

It should be noted this is the same date as the Halifax qualifier so some people may be gone as well.

If I were the directors I’d just make it $20 a head, run west vs east GTA and call it an exhibition. It’d probably draw better.


nagata lock two should ban himself for double posting.
pretty scummy, aint even gonna lie.


3v3 please


Never happened…

I like how Sauga makes fun of STC’s slang and now you guys are doing it back.


not sauga, we are just making fun of a person who say it whenever we see him around.
stc inside jokes.

what stc slang? u mean js’ slang?


JS engrish imo


Stupid idea.


5v5 would be interesting… 3v3 would be easier to form


3v3 would work better i would think


3v3 I mean really where would I get 4 other people willing to team with the likes of me?


blizt you may want to answer your own thread


what do u think this is cali? i be surprise if u get more then 4 teams enter