Team GOES Pub Night


Hey come check out a free to play event here in Hamilton

we’ll be playing Mortal Kombat 9 (with MK Tournament Sticks to use) and Super Street Fighter IV


[LEFT]Anime North is sold out of weekend passes !!! If you are looking to get a weekend pass and you think you’re good at Mortal Kombat 9 or Super Street Fighter IV then check this out [/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT][LEFT] and you could win a Set of weekend passes for Anime North [/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT]


[LEFT]Congratulations to Scott Fehir who won the Super Street Fighter IV tournament and to Ian Shaughnessy who came in Second place by being the winner of the Looser’s Bracket. Way to go guys you have both won a set of weekend passes to Anime North[/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT]


Hey everybody GOES is

going to do another Pub Night at the Rebel’s Kilt on Sunday June 24th starting at 1pm

… more details to follow soon.

GOES will also have a set of weekend passes for Polaris 26 to give away at the pub night



Hey we’re doing another pub event in Hamilton, on June 24th starting at 1pm. We will be playing AE Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9 and Skull Girls.

We will have a set of weekend passes for Polaris 26 to give away, along with other prizes

click on to the facebook event and check it out


[LEFT]Team Goes and TorontoTopTiers are happy to announce the second of our event sponsorships by adding 1up Games to our sponsorship roster! 1up Games is the premier vendor for retro video games in the Hamilton region. Check out their website at [/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT][LEFT]They will be providing t-shirts and a special retro console to the raffle![/LEFT]


[LEFT]Team GOES and TorontoTopTiers are proud to announce the addition of GDLK Apparel as an official sponsor! They are graciously providing t-shirts to the winners of each tournament as well as t-shirts for the raffle! Please check out their website at [/LEFT][LEFT][/LEFT][LEFT]for a wide variety of FGC related clothing and accessories! They will also be on site on June 24th so make sure you check out their website and let them know what you’d like to buy![/LEFT]



[LEFT]Team GOES + TorontoTopTiers presents Pub Night June 24 2012 @ Rebel’s Kilt, Hamilton, Ontario AE/MK - Sponsored by GDLK Apparel, 1up Games and POLARIS 26[/LEFT]

[LEFT]When: Sunday, June 24th, 2012[/LEFT]
Where: Rebel’s Kilt
298 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1B1
Minors under the age of 18 will be required to wear a wristband

Venue Fee: $10 and you get $5 off your tab for drinks/food as well as 2 raffle tickets

Tournament Fees: $10 per game

Tournaments: AE2012 (360) and Mortal Kombat (PS3)

Prizes: 70/20/10 split

Rules: Double elimination
Best 2/3 matches
Winners/Losers/Grand Finals best 3/5 Matches
timers: 99 Second default

Schedule: 1:00PM - Doors Open + Sign ups begin
2:00PM - Registration closes
3:00PM - AE2012 Starts
4:00PM - Mortal Kombat Starts
** If there is left over time and interest UMVC3 may run on XBOX360

RAFFLE: $2 for 2 tickets, $4 for 5 tickets T-shirts from GDLK and 1up Games as well as a special retro console and of course 2 passes to Polaris 26!

Check out our sponsors:[/LEFT]