Team Help T_T

I cant find a good last character for my team. So far i have Wesker (Samurai Edge) and Wolverine (Berserker Barrage). Obviously Im a close combat player so i need suggestions on who to use that can assist to make my combo longer (possibly with OTG) and someone that is pretty simple to play with. And please dont all post Dante at once…
Someone who can do OTG moves easily would be goo too T_T i mess up on the control movements sometimes.

Akuma… this thread is going to get locked FYI.

Akuma is the best choice, for sure. Wesker’s OTG assist is really the only one this team needs. That’s also the reason I would suggest putting Wolverine first, and Wesker second: You get more mileage from Wesker’s assist, while Wolverine’s assists aren’t all that useful.

Good luck, though. I’ll train with you on XBL if you want.

Team making thread…