Team Help

I need a bit of help making a good team with Morrigan. Im open to any suggestions. Thanks.

a “good” team, you’re probably better off with storm or magneto instead of morrigan.

couple of guys that helps though, you can land qcf+kk combos with chunli antiair, zangief ground(lariat), gambit projectile, (hard) doom AA, tron projectile assists.

I’m gonna steal a page from Jay Snyder’s book.

gambit-a, Cyc-b, Morrigan-b.
-2 characters with infinites [Cyc and Morrigan]
-A kill DHC order [if you add your own hits to it]
-Framekill risk if Morrigan and Gambit wind up back to back

Morrigan is kinda underrated by most. Ask Viscant if you can.

A good morrigain teams would be
morrigain storm psylocke(MSP)
morrigain cammy tron
morrigain cable doom
morrigain sent cyclops
storm sent morrigain
morrigain magneto psylocke
morrigain ironman psylocke
storm cable morrigain
morrigain cable cyclops/comando/cammy
Ya I think thats about it.

Would Morrigan go good with chun li ?

I think she does. Chun’s AA sets up good for Morrigan’s DI, and with both of them having good air mobility, they can do good work together. When done right, they counter heavy-hitting teams pretty well. Just be wary that Morrigan doesn’t take too good damage…


With that said, who would compliment my Chun Li/Morrigan/XXX team ?

I think either Doom or Psy.

Doom- He and Chun-Li are strong together. His meteor shield can ground a person, and Morrigan and Chun have the air speed to keep them from jumping up and away. Also, Doom somewhat needs to be last because of his effective use of the supers (Chun and Morrigan do not have very damaging supers unless DHCed).

Psy- I just have my own biased opinion with her. She suits my style very nicely, and to add, she and Chun are pretty effective together. They are my two best, and Morrigan serves as the buffer to them.

To my point, Doom is your better and more preferred choice, especially if you want Chun as your point person. She kinda serves better as your point or your second, but it depends on how you want to use her. With Morrigan, Chun needs to be second because she can do more damage with Doom than if Morrigan and Doom were left. Psy on the team leaves for a lot of gaps because all three have bad endurance and faulty supers. That said, a good use of this team would be to order it as:

Morrigan AA/ Chun-Li AA/ Doom AA

Again, Morrigan has Doom to do some keeping on the ground. Chun repeats what Morrigan does. Doom uses the supers that Chun and Morrigan get. Then again, that’s just one way and one team. Chun’s got a lot of other compatible people. It just takes singling them out for the whole team dynamic.


Is morrigan’s infinite universal ? I have the video where she does it on Ruby Heart…just wondering.

Sidenote: Nice to see another fellow Mai CvS2 player =D

I honestly couldn’t answer that. Originally, I thought that her infinite only worked on larger people, but…My guess is that it works on anyone her height or taller. Shorter than that, I couldn’t say.

PS: heh heh. Been playing with her since KOF 97. If she’s in a game, she’s the first on my roster. :wink:


same thing with chun for me, although in mvsc2 I was a bit reluctant UNTIL NOW !

Yeah. Chun-Li has so much going for her. Trouble is, they took stuff away from her as well. Like Morrigan, she doesn’t take damage well (have to relate to Morrigan since we’re in Morrigan thread), and with the loss of her air super, Chun’s at a small disadvantage. Otherwise, she’s very fun to play to me. Been using her since the arcade game unlocked her.


It’s early in the morning and I’m here so might as well ask, can u air dash with morrigan then just block in mid air dash ? Press jab while dashing then hold back to block ?

It depends…There’s been times where I’d dash, but then be able to block, and Morrigan flies off-screen, kinda like Gambit’s or Strider’s glitch, only Morrigan’s doesn’t last as long. I think you can dash-block, but I’m not 100% sure.


I saw a really good Morrigan, Gambit, Son Son the other day. The guy who played it was dominating most top tier teams.

Just to add:

I see Morrigan going well with Storm Proj. and Cyke AA, but it would serve best to put Morrigan second for this group. She doesn’t have all of the resources necessary to be on point for this matching of people. Storm should start, then Morrigan, then Cyke IMO.

Basic Strat: Storm builds meter, mixes rush w/ distance games. Morrigan tries to keep opponent grounded, and Cyke’s AA can be a good starter for DI. Cyke finishes with keepaway/chip.

I dunno what caused me to post here again. I had taken a hibernation from using many characters with the exception of a couple, but after a while, I wanted to revive some of my past people, especially Morrigan.


That would be Justin K. He’s got the best Morrigan. He knows how to do her funky ass parabola dash (no, not her standard up-down-or-straight dash. It’s weird, you have to see it to believe it).

My current Morri team is Morri/BH/CapCom. No big combos, but it’s more a training wheels team than anything else.

Just started, but I am thinking…Mags/Storm/Morrigan

Where Mags runs point with Morrigan AA assist to fill in the blanks where psy usually is.

Morrigans AA doesnt launch them low enough for many follow ups though, so it would be considerably weakened in comparison to msp, but I havent expiremented enough with follow ups afterward to be sure.

I dont know where to find frame data or information on the engine for this game. How long before morrigans hitting frames come out on her AA, is she invencible? how long are they in block stun? Can I triangle jump once or twice before they can do anything? etc.

And most importantly, where can I find some morrigan matches. It would really help my solo game with her to see what works.

Hope i get some feed back. Dasrik, can you help me out man?



I decided to resurrect this thread because there’s been a concentration of Morrigan strats in the General Strategy forum, and it’ll help to have some teams that others have recommended.

Anyway, to start the ball…

I want to throw the team of Morrigan/Rogue Throw/Doom AA into the pot.

Basic strats:

Morrigan stays on top of opponent, throws person while calling Doom. It can make for a nice pressure game. Also, stay close to the opponent and keep the character grounded, then call Rogue (make sure Rogue is on throw assist). Easy setup for DI. Once DI super is finished, you can…

  1. Do a crouching LP and call Rogue again at the same time for another possible DI execution.

  2. Walk right up to them and do her command grab.

  3. Continue the pressure game with Doom’s rocks.

With me, I try to save Morrigan for last simply because her AA can help Doom. Rogue should be the first one to die, but her assist helps Morrigan out…

Feel free to post on any other team ideas. This thread can be revived to help the rising number of Morrigan players.


  1. Continue the pressure with Doom’s rocks

I would really like to see the infinite vid you talked about Magnetic Hail. I didn’t know Morrigan had an infinite that worked on Ruby Heart.