Team Hidden Shadow Recruiting( for snk vs capcom game)

we need gfx designers to do the following jobs
make things from options to title screens
sprite edits
custom work
life bars

we have about 15 designers right now
more to come hopefully
to sign up go here

when u sign up for the forum
please go to the sign up topic and put it there
or post here

pass to the board is fighting

hey bro i tried to go into your “clan” forum and i typed fighting like you said not a damn thing happened it says password incorect but any ways yeah i want to be on the team yay a team but seriously tell me how to get in the forum so i can sign up(ive already got a user name there “hondaluva”)

the pass is fighting lol

dude it is not working but its aight though i aint got that much time to be tagging anyways

the pass isnt working, I copied and pasted what you wrote (fighting) into the box and it says its incorrect.