Team Hugo Law Synergy combo video

Hey guys, I threw together a combo video of my team of Law and Hugo. The combos are designed to be practical, and shows off how well Law and Hugo compliment each other, especially when it comes to juggles, and getting Hugo into position. The vid starts off with Law’s easy BNB combos, and Hugo’s BNB, and then shows how to combine them. I even show off how well they can Pandora into combo when trapped in a corner. Let me know what you guys think.


( Please note I don’t have a capture card, so sorry for the less than pro quality :slight_smile:

When juggling with hugo your just doing st. lk then lp clap but after that you can continue it with a mk shootdown backbreaker and in the corner a lk shootdown backbreaker is easier to combo.

yea if you watch the whole video, I do follow it up with the lk shootdown back breaker

I’m glad this video exists 'cuz Hugo was one of the anchors I was considering.