Team Iceman : Chip Damage!



I have been playing Iceman since the beggining…and he is know for having the lowest chip done to him…and gives out alot of chip damage…This thread specifically is for strats on RUN-AWAY/Turtle iceman…and the best chip teams that he is useful on…


P.S-Here are a couple teams I use with ol’ Icy…

Team Dr.B






R@t around here plays a wicked IceMan (Projectile)-Cable (AAA)-Spiral (horizontal swords) team. That’s got huge potential for locking down your opponent on the ground and just eating away their life with chips. Anytime IceMan gets a hit on the opponent, they’ve just taken ~20 points of damage based upon chip alone (blocked combo into blocked ice beam with blocked horizontal swords).


Nice…thanks for that team idea…Btw whenu pick Iceman choose his bottom assist…it’s the same as Icebeam projectile assist but gives more chip damage…When ICY is with doom calling the assist in close…Hyper jump up overhead and Down Icebeam the shitout of them…I also use down +HP to send a small icerock and follow up with icebeam…Run away Iceman is too good…


P.S- WHen ffighting CAble no ground based Icebeam when he has meter!!!


SJ.D+HP is pretty good for zoning. I like to cancel that up with that big icerock, thiny. Only time I do that though, is if I call out a ground’ish assit like Doom, Sentinel or any other good Projectyle beam’ish assit. The way how this works, is if they’re still on ground getting chip’d by the assit, that’s when you throw the little ball thingy. Now if they’re trying to superjump, which they prolly are, that’s when you cancel out into the big icerock. Cause on they’re way up, they would either block/get hit by the icerock.

I haven’t use’d Iceman in a longass time. So these prolly don’t work anymore. Just remember to start throwing shit at them in air when your above them. Cause you don’t want to do a down-forward icebeam and they magicly’d SJ’d over it and your still in the animation of the icebeam.