Team Ideas?

Looking for team ideas since I’m doing a huge team switch up. Right now it’s looking like this–


Dante is on Weasel Shot to help Viper’s move in game, but Jam Session helps viper more?
I need a better Anchor that can help Viper and Spencer individually.

I don’t know much about Spencer/Skrull synergy, but I’ve been experimenting with Viper/Frank/Skrull team recently! Skrull Tenderizer assist sets up unblockables for Viper just like Jam Session, but also helps her going in or locking down opponents. I also find it much easier to convert than off of random Jam Session hits mid-screen/mid-air. If Skrull works well with Spencer too, then that would be my suggestion!

Yep… no way that there’s a huge thread dedicated to this kind of question… nope…