Team IHS

Hello, fellow SRKers. This is Parris and I am here to request help and support from the community. Recently, me and a couple of friends of mine have created a competitive Street Fighter 4 team (Team I Heart Shoryukens) and we plan on attending tournaments. We created a YouTube page to post our matches, in hopes of, receiving feedback from players from across the country and even the world O.o. So, if you would so kindly take a minute out of your time and head on over to our page ( and view our existing content, comment, subscribe, rate, or whatever and support us.:wgrin: Oh yeah, we also have a FB page( Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, email us at

This is more for help with things that to toot horns. Hopefully somebody will come over and explai this a little better.

You don’t throw enough shoryukens to warrant a team called I love Shoryukens. You shouldn’t even move forward. Just constantly lp shoryu to get across the screen.

We try, man. We try Q__Q


just asking
What kind of answers are you waiting from people?

Get actual competitive/tournament experience instead of just asking questions in a board (online doesn’t count), as the Japanese would say “put in your eight hours.”

Anyone else just see IHS as “I Hate Sagat” before opening the thread?

LOL. Leave me alone : (

No dis, but you def need to step that game up or you’ll get stomped at whatever tourney you make an appearance at. Point-blank ultras with no set-up? Random supers that are a product of mashed shoryukens? Wake-up shoryukens?

And what’s with that misrepresentation of sakura? No mix-up attempts or anything.

Again, no dis, just pointing out the G3-type play.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how I’d normally play against people using Sakura.(I’m guessing you only viewed the homepage match) Playing against Noez’s Ryu is VERY different than your typical bout, so i have to readjust my tactics almost completely. I’ll upload some more of my Sakura’s better works in the near future.

I’ll have to watch some more of your videos because I only watched the homepage one too, and the Ryu was very scrappy. i’ll drop by your page and check out some of your other videos.

100$ Money Match hell yea.

In regards to D-Proto, we’re looking for posts/advice such as what TheRetroKid posted.

To Retro, thank you for the post. I’m not too conceded to admit the fact that I still need a lot of improvement. Seeing as you pointed out my flaws (I’m the one that plays Ryu), I thought it would be appropriate if I was the one to respond.

This what I revolve my gameplay strategy around. Obviously, when playing against my friends, I already know how they play. So I do certain things or change my moves based off what I know they’ll do/counter. As for the random super, of course, that was a mistake. What can I say, I have a problem with executing my shoryuken while having a super bar :. It’s something I have to work on.

As for getting ‘stomped’ at tournaments, I wouldn’t mind. The main thing I want to go to tourny’s for is not winning, but gaining the experience. Playing my friends are great and all, but variety is needed. I would ask if you wouldn’t mind playing me, but I’m assuming you only have SFIV for PS3. Thanks again, and feel free to post any suggestions :].

So the question then becomes, “how DO you play sakura? And why not play that way against this ryu? Sand-bagging? Was it a feel-good session as opposed to training?”

edit: I’m sorry, I’m coming off way too harsh…seriously, Im not trying to be a dick, I’m just curious as to the tactics and methods performed by both characters in the first and second video.

No problem, dude. It’s understandable. Anyways, I just recently picked up Sakura(Was strictly a Bison player beforehand) , so i’m nothing incredible yet; though, I believe I’m improving to the point where i would like to see how i would fair in high level competition. Again, I’ll try and post some better quality matches to show off what we are capable of.

I rewatched the match you guys viewed. It makes me come off really crappy, but if you listened to what Parris was saying in the background, he was talking about how he had just started using a new strategy. I had trouble adjusting myself to it, so I was playing kinda nooby. Don’t let the first video make up your minds, take a look at some of the other ones that were uploaded.

you guys look pretty free, but you guys have a goal. just get out and get experience.

online play doesnt count as experience IMO

Oh yeah. Online play is only half the battle.

Online play is no part of the battle. Playing online just makes your worse. Even if you win, you’re still terrible, just means you beat people who suck. You learn nothing from beating garbage players, but you learn a lot from losing to good ones.

Whoever that Ryu was… first things first… stop being so fucking random with your specials. Even if your random srk or random hurricane kicks land, doesn’t mean shit, just stop. You need to learn combos and learn to control the ground. I would suggest the next time you go online, try to playing without ever jumping and without ever throwing out random hurricane kicks. Its a good exercise to help break bad habits that get you beat down.

Second, that gief player horrendous… shit, if you’re gonna be playing $100 money matches with that, you’re welcome to my house anytime you got the cash. You need to learn footies with zangief and be conscious at all times of your opponents meter and of your own spacing. Zangief needs to take a lot of necessary risk against fireball characters, but its knowing when you should take that risk and when you should sit tight for a sec. If they got ultra and two stocks; you need calm down, control the ground, don’t jump, and try to bait some meter away from them. Learn to bulldog effectively - that means inch forward walk while blocking every fireballs. Don’t jump over them, just block them and continue to walk and block. Control the space and hope to back themselves into the wall. Its a patient mans game, but if you play gief, thats what you gotta do. If they got no meter and no ultra, then by all means, jump, do what you gotta do to get the life lead, and be aggressive. If you get hit, its no big deal, it shouldn’t be that bad since they won’t be able to punish you too hard. Expect to get hit if you play gief, but just remember, all you need is that one knock down to turn the tables.