Team IHS

I gotta disagree with the people that say that online play make you worse or not good.

Online play gives convience of people competing with others who doesn’t know anybody that plays the game. Like me. I can’t go over my cousin’s house every single day to get some practice ( I need practice in SF4 everyday or else I’ll get rusty). So I supplement online play to get practice in. However, offline casuals are anti-lag, and I prefer that; but online play doesn’t make you worse. That statement is ridiculous and really untrue. Yeb is like the best Gen in the US. He plays online. He clearly isn’t bad. Saqs is the best Rose in the US. He plays onlne. So that statement is total bullshit.

IHS: Go to the forums and learn as much as you can. Then attend the tournaments avaliable. Practice practice practice. Good Luck to you guys

If you’re a tournament player online may make you worse, however any other standard of play can benefit online play, helps with matchups and general feel of the game. Lots of things that work online don’t offline though, especially mashing out of a block string that doesn’t combo online.

Thanks man. We really appreciate it.

Exactly. Online is practice, not the real thing. Nobody should take it seriously because it’s online. It helps you with practice. It’s a tool, so don’t underestimate it people.

No problem

Where shall I start oh master K2theB ? Let’s see, no excuses I lost the match yada yada i got that. Thanks for the valuable advice !:bgrin: . Now, I was playing someone who I expected to beat with no issue, you saw how he played. But I lost ? Bewildered I started trying out new things in the middle of battle and trying different tactics. Didn’t work out so well, later in the night I figured him out and beat him no problem. Now with the first little comment that you typed not helping at all. You saw one match of how I play and I was trying different things, you really have no idea how I play. So stroke your e-dick all you want and say you would beat me no problem but this is what xbox live is for. Exilexc is my username. I would love to see your skill since your so confident. Thanks for the help !

Record it please!

Pretty good.

Just gotta stop with the wake up shoryukens for Sakura and Ryu. Its a very bad habit. Though this has already been adressed.

Other then that. :tup:

Parris i feel that you are wasting a lot of meter on ex DP’s while ex hurricane kick sets up so many more opportunities for damage or mixups. I’m not a sakura player though so I could be missing something though.

You arent that dumb ass ex hurricane kick is pretty much safe on the block, and sets up an ultra or a reset-dash under crossup.Her focus attack imo is one of the best but im no sakura expert either but I’ve played plenty of good sakuras and these are tactics Ive commonly seen.

In this match, i wasn’t really displaying my potential with Sakura. I’ll post some more videos soon with some of my better works. :wgrin:

New videos coming soon

As of right now, we are shaping out pretty nicely. Currently the team is focusing on getting to the next level; which means we’ve got to work on tighter execution and smarter gameplay, among other things. We’d like to thanks you guys for the advice so far and we hope to get some footage of us playing at tournaments real soon.

Did any of yall IHS members go to final round XIII? That would be a great way to test out your skills against pros and semi pros.

None of the IHS members were able to partake in the FR goodness this year, unfortunately; We plan to attend next year, though. On the horizon, G.A.M.M.E is looking to be our future big tournament venture.