Team izzy's needs a avatar


i need a avatar with mai shiranui and has like a pizza or a slice of pizza in it i don’t care really what pic u use of mai i just wanna combine the 2 cause of a incident at my local izzy’s pizza shop if u can do it iwould aprreciate it. team izzy’s on top of the avatar. “and a whole lot more” for text would be good if that cann happen


Enjoy. It’ll probably look small here, but it should come out right when you use it for your av. I can resize it if you’d like, but it might throw the whole thing off balance.


thx man it way koo, is there anyway 2 make it bigger… if there isn’t its koo but if u can ill take it off balance or not.:smiley:


IF it doesn’t work, I slapped this together…


Well, I was going to get around to redoing your av, but looks like someone beat me to it. Oh well…




It’s cool:cool: