Team Juri (XBL) - Wednesday/Sunday Nights

This group is for players who want to get better with Juri, help each other out, learn match ups and level up. Since XBL doesn’t have an in-built chat system like PSN does, Team Juri’s chat room will be held on an IRC chat by mibbit. You don’t need registration to join the chat and it’s a free service.

Team Requirements
To be apart of Team Juri, you have to at least main or sub her. You’ve also got to use her at least once per session.

If you just want to join in on the sessions and play against other Juri teammates, send me a message on XBL (Jaguar131) and I’ll add you in the lobby if there’s room.

Player Lobbies
I’ll create a lobby for everyone to join in and play matches. Just send a message via XBL to Jaguar131 and I’ll invite you.You can also post your GT in the team chat and I’ll invite you that way as well.

However, since each room only allows to up to 8 players, please feel free to start another room if need be. Also, to get the best experience out of our sessions, I would encourage you to use a headset. It’s a lot easier to tell people information during a match, then to wait after it’s over and type in the chat.

You also don’t have to wait until I log on to coordinate matches. If you and one other person want to join the chat, share knowledge and setup a lobby please feel free to do so. The room is a means of us to communicate and setup matches easier.

Team Juri Tournaments
Depending on how many people we have on Wednesday and Sunday we’ll have a Team Juri Tournament. To makes things interesting, one half of the players must use Juri and the other half play their other characters (unless everyone exclusively plays Juri). I’ll make the brackets on for each tournament.

Diversity in characters is encouraged
If you know how to use different characters, that is a BIG plus. Juri players can only learn so much from mirror matches and you can apply your match up knowledge against other players.

Team Juri Chat Room
This will be used for people to ask questions, discuss strategies and talk amongst other teammates.

How to join the room
[]click/copy and paste the following link:
]under channel, type in #jurixbl
[*]type in a nickname to use and hit connect
Finally, if you’d like to be added on the team, please register like so:

XBL Gamertag: Jaguar131
Location: South Carolina (or just put your region like Midwest, Eastcoast, etc.)

If there are any further ideas you guys would like to add, let your voice be heard and seeya online :smiley:

Team Juri Gametag List

Northeast US
MattAtRuss (New York, US)
l The Mayor l (New York, US)
KailKun (New York,US)
Reborn NYC (New York, US)
xRammAx (New Jersey, US)
Ryasai (Eastcoast, US)
fighter4hire90 (Rhode Island, US)
Jbourne001 (Maryland, US)
Fatal Error XI (East Coast, US)

Southeast US
Jaguar131 (South Carolina, US)
dark fetz (Northern VA, US)
SyfexBlade (Louisiana, US)
ArrahDre (Tennessee,US)
Sailor Jersin (Florida, US)
IgyDigital (Florida, US)

saixhinata (Illinois, US)
Bj rocking 247 (Ohio,US)
XthAtGAm3RGuYX (Ohio, US)
Sparta2020 (Illinois, US)
SeditiousThroes (Colorado, US)

UV SeanBon (California, US)

Volacide (Toronto, Canada)

Misty Chaos (Cork, Ireland)
ya3goub (UAE)
CARL1_0 (Mexico)
cyberkron564 (unknown)

Im in.

XBL Gamertag: dark fetz
Location: Northern VA.

Around what time are you planning to play on wednesday and sunday?

XBL Gamertag: MattAtRuss
Location: New York, US

I’ll start the first session at 6pm EST. I’ll update the time in the thread title.

I’m totally up for this, but I probably won’t be able to spend much time on it today because I have exactly 138 Calculus problems that are due in 25 hours. I may take a break for a bit just to hit you guys up, though.

XBL: SeditiousThroes
Location: Colorado

My headset is long broken, but I’ll see what I can do. If not tonight I’ll get another one by next week.

XBL: SyfexBlade
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

It’s all good, that’s what we have the chat for :slight_smile: I’ve also got a cold, so I probably won’t be talking much into the mic anyway.

6pm is a bit early, probably still working on dinner then, but I’ll hop on and add OP as soon as I can.

XBL:xM0NDAY (o is a zero)
Location: Brooklyn, New York

There should be an east coast and west coast lobby just to make sure connections are smooth

i’ll join though sometimes i wont be able to play because my mom likes to watch netflix alot and it lags my connection.
Location Bronx New York

@ Fetz: I’ll probably be eating dinner while I’m playing XD I’m usually a take out food warrior and one of these days it’ll catch up to me. More than likely, I’ll playing for a while so jump in the chat and let me know when to send you an invite.

@ Teh_Mayor: Having East and West coast rooms is a great idea. Since we’ll all meet up in the chat, we can have west coast players coordinate matches that way. I’m also down if some WC players wanna try their luck with the connection or even just spectate

@ TPH GUNSHOT: Netflix is gdlk, so I don’t blame her…lol. Still feel free to swing by the chat, hang out and ask questions.

Is it to late to get in on this?
XBL: BadMothaHuba
Location: NY,USA

Good stuff guys. I got so wrecked by Kail, lol.

ggs everyone! Had a lot of fun!

Good Games to everyone who showed up. Each person in the room was good with Juri and I learned a lot today.

Woah Jaguar howd you change the thread title? Do you have to ask a mod or something?

Looks to me like we now got Juri sessions running on both systems. Good stuff :tup:.

There was en edit button on the front page where I can change it, but now it’s disappeared. I PM’d Joon, asking if he could alter the title for me.

what was learned tonight by the raping kail gave everyone:
Fuzzy gaurd is your best friend
Mixing up highs and lows helps with keeping the pressure on
Before you start your gameplan scope out how the opponent plays, if they play scared rush, if they rush give them no respect
From my experience Juri is still kind of considered a joke on the SF4 roster and since not many people choose her, by what people hear they will just rush you blindly. You must make sure you teach them to respect you throughout the match or they will mindfuck you.

Also if you didn’t get to make it to the first session you will learn alot if you come to the next or throughtout the week you can add one of the GT’s on the list for sparring partners. GGs to everyone

GG’s everyone. Wish I could have stuck around a bit longer - got more games in etc.

I was thinking if we have groups larger than 6 we should split off so people get the maximum amount of time to train. Two rooms of 3 means people get twice the games. I think I caught most of you for a friend request and if you ever see me online I’m down to session.

I could agree more on the fuzzy guard. Last night was the first time I’ve ever seen it used effectively and the payoff seems really worth it. Another thing I like about last night is how aggressive you guys were on offense once you got in. I’m fairly decent at zoning with fireballs, but I could really work on my mix-up game.