Team K.A.S. Thread

O.C.K. and I are starting Team K.A.S(Krazy Ass Scrubs, pronounced: Kass) just because we’re scrubs who have no team haha. We play mostly at CGL on friday and saturday nights and sometimes during the week. If you wanna be a Krazy Ass Scrub let us know and we’ll see if we give you membership status in Team K.A.S. :smiley:

HELL YEA!!!:lol: :cool:. Yea…if u wanna join then we’ll see if u guys qualify as being one of us Krazy Ass Scrubs. So let us know beforehand. :cool:

:lol: Lemme go ahead and apply.

But its only temporary…I wont be scrubby forever :cool:

Yea…your in Jeremy. Welcome to Team K.A.S. Your the first member to join. :cool:

Werd, Jeremy is in, he’s dope too. :smiley:

Next time I see you guys at Camelot drag me away from the marvel machine (it might take both of u cuz i get addicted once i start playing… 8D ) and gimme some cvs2 beatdowns.

yo kenny can i be in team K.A.S?:cool: :smiley: :evil:

We’ll see :D…Do you play CvS2, MvC2, Alpha3, 3S, or GGX2?

sup phat_toi, this friday we’ll be discussing new members at camelot. :evil:

Anyone else?..memberships are still up. :smiley:

Im the biggest scrub of all time so im like automatically in :slight_smile: .


Sup jesse…its about time u join. :lol: Yea anywayz…welcome aboard. :cool:

SHIT!!! :eek: …4 members already?!!:eek: :lol: Team K.A.S. is getting hella big. :evil: :cool:

im all marvel fo life, and im an IM scrub that can infinite that shit outa nowhere:eek: , and im getting aight wit snk2


yo ken i wont b at camelot on friday since i got a senior activity to go to, but sat is a mayb not sure yet


Fucking dope shit. so tomorrow so far jesse and me will be at camelot, who else? Oh and James Games is having a GGXX tourney on the 19th of April, hey jeremy and jesse, you guys planning on going to that? if i get the day off, i’m going. see you guys at cgl tomorrow, lates.

Naw i cant go 2 the tourney its Stu’s birfday.

O.C.K. I wanna play u Dan vs Dan :smiley:


Tourney huh?..Psshhh i gotta get back into the game. Imma find out the details…and hopefully, yeah, i’ll make it.

KAS representin’ mad hard today at camelot, but fucking OCK custom combo’ed my shit badly. I gotta start playing more CvS2 against people, i’m hella rusty. Hey Ken tell me if you wanna get together during the week and play CvS2.

Any of you guys gonna be at Camelot today (Monday)?

Kenny is at his new job today so no go :frowning:

Ill prolly go if i can get a ride from my bro but im not sure.

yeah i started my new job in Chatsworth, and stopped by FFA after and got some games of CvS2 in. I’ll prolly be going there during the week. Camelot, prolly on Friday…