Team Karma


Judging by your point character’s moral affiliation, do you use a good, neutral, or evil team

Its generally pretty obvious whether your character is good/evil, but the following are people who I consider neutral characters since they are not technically evil but they aren’t good either.

Taskmaster - Antihero
Deadpool - Antihero
Firebrand - Antihero
Super Skrull - Antihero
Akuma - Looking for someone to fight
Sentinel - programmed to complete a mission at all costs
Morrigan - doesn’t give a shit
Nemesis - he’s Nemesis
Jill - Brainwashed
Tron - Just wants the paypuh
Strider - Kills anyone who stands in the way of his mission.
Ghost Rider - Merciless Justice


Zero may cry should be recalled sexy white boys then. None of them are food or evil they just get bored.

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Team trenchcoat=2 power hungry douchebags and a cocky demon hunter?


Wait, akuma is just looking for someone to fight, and he’s not evil o_o? Damn he’s lamer than I thought.


There’s a total and utter ban on team-making threads outside of this one:

Because otherwise there would be four billion team-building variant threads for each particular possibility, and that’s just soul-crushing to have to wade through. :slight_smile:

So yeah, use the official team-building thread. :tup: