Team Kentucky 2006 Thread

That old KY thread seemed like it was around since the dawn of time, here’s the new one, started by the KY cvs2 and 3S champ:rofl:

heidern is from FL. -_-

Bout time we gotta a new thread up. been long overdue.

Now, Rob, It’ll be about a week before I know if I can go to your get together. Right now money is tight, but I’ll know more by next week, and will keep u informed.

Pop, what up!

just living the dream taz, just living the dream. and rob, i’m tempted to go to the c-bus guilty gear/3S tournament, for 3S only, because i don’t play guilty gear. but we’ll see. maybe taz can teach me to not hate mvc2 at your party if we both make it, lol.

happy summertime bitches!

its alright, i’m actually gonna go ahead and cancel the get together because i don’t think enough interest is there for people. plus what is falling on that weekend its just too much to compete with.

The Louisville gathering is CANCELLED

that way everyone can notice it. i didn’t recieve any inquiries about it from anyone so i figure either they are going to ecc or the ohio tourney. I can try and plan one in the future if i can if i have an available weekend.


Hey whats up guys, Young from Louisville here. Anybody from Lexington wanna get some casual games going? I’m willing to travel to UK. Really looking for competition in sf:third strike, or guilty gear, I don’t mind playing other games either.

You should head over here (Lexington) sometimes, ofcourse the main game played here seems to be 3S, but a few of us will definently be willing to play GG/, but I can’t guarentee the quality of competition on the GG side.

Shit man…I was going to get a crew together and come up. Oh well…

pick a day, preferably on a weekday. I could probably bring a couple friends along too. mostly 3s? that’s awesome. I’m really into that right now.

We usually have fight nights, but now that it’s summer it is kinda in limbo. ROK might be interested in hosting, if not Eric(megaultrasuper) probally will.

Cool! How’s wednesday night?

I’m free, Eric is probally free. Rocky might be. I’ll have to see. Eric gets back tommorow, but he might read the thread before then.

Cool, I hope all three of you are free. I think its easier to talk on the phone, if you leave the phone numbers for one of you, I’ll call and we can get this going.

I still play Marvel at the bus station

i’m back in northern KY til june 8th, but when i come back down, hopefully we can have wednesday fight nights again. i’d love to have some good 3S competition again. the KY 3S champ’s skills haven’t been tested in awhile, lol.

yk_kof, I don’t think it’ll work out, sorry didn’t get to you sooner.

aeh its cool, just give me a heads up next time you guys are getting together, that’d be nice. I would like to see how i am at 3rd strike.

Young, good to hear from you I’ve heard from some Louisville kats about a solid GG player down there but have never gotten the opportunity to play you.

Fight nights this summer would be tight. Kyle and I are down. If it’s for GG than 2 more friends (Hos and I-no) are down as well. I’d like to play more 3s, going out 5 and 1 in the Ohio tourney made me a little more interested. I did so bad in GG it was frusterating. I went out 4 and 2 at Final Round but Ohio was rape. kinda sucked. =\

Kyle and I are out for MWC in Northbrook/Chicago it’s only in 2 weeks. Hopefully there’ll be a lot more tourney’s this summer.

I swear I’m goint to make a new account on SRK someday when I’m not lazy. Somebody actually called me White Claudia Addict, lol I was like haha no no Jais is fine.

i’m game for fight nights again also. i haven’t practiced 3S in awhile, all cvs2. i’ve been beasting on the computer and narrowing down my team range. A-eagle and A-blanka somewhere in some order.

my chun needs to wreck some bitches. and my necro needs to make its debut.


We could have fight nights again, but popoblo, I don’t know who’s going to provide any kind of decent competition for you. Also Jais, you’re going to have to go quite far for some decent GG comp.