Team League for TvC online

Lets do this people!! Damn I know yahll have 3 friends and a lancenter near you. All I want is five teams/states/regions/whatever. Someone else get something setup. Someone do something. This is game is worth some kind of push right. who will be the first team to step up and do it? Will it be your team? Or your team? Just make it someones team please, I know it will only take one team to get this thing started. Mid west, Cali, New York, Florida,Texas. I am looking to you guys ok. Help me out here.

We can do 30 leaguse that are free, but I have this to say about the first league we can set up for money. I mean I am down to wait until a major tourney has happened so we have some guidlines to go by. BUt I would like to have a pay to play league that goes over like 8-12 weeks set up by the end of March. It can wait even longer than that but I am going to push this until the game is not around anymore.

How about this… $750 to the winner of the first pay to play league? No shit. Call my bluff. Get 10 teams to enter, at $30-50 a team($10 a head) and I will thrown in $750 on top of the pot. I know I know, rather than step up your game and find a small crew, it is mad easier to say “Stan is just some furrie with no skill and no money, why would we believe him.” and to this I say, name 4 other people in the states that can do the things in this game like I can. If you can, then know that I have not played them and this is the way for me to play them. If you have it like that and it is no big deal then shit lets us do this ok. If not then hey, you can not blame a guy for trying. I just want serious comp. Not like SF$. But a real scene, with everyone pushing for the next big thing.

Well this is assuming that online will be decent. Nintendo Wii isn’t exactly the best platform for online if Brawl is anything to go by.

Did you not read my post? Read it all the way through. I already said that poeple like yourself would say things such as you have, but know that some of us own a wii and play online games. Madden, EA does its own server and it works great. Mario Kart, done right done great. And last but not least, the gem of Capcom online Monster Hunter Tri, TvC will be done on those servers and they are really good, I mean really good. Play other online games first for the system to see where online is actually being used.

The next time anyone uses Brawl as what we should expect, instead of thinking what the largest 1v1 fighting game scene was until SF4 came out, man people with sense even stop using it when they hit the internet. When you can pull 300+ people to a tourney then your online does not have to be great or even good for people to play it. We can not even get 50+ people to a TvC tourney, hell even 30+, lets take the online and do something with it ok.

Not to mention thee excellent work done on Battalion Wars 2 or Mario Strikers Charged.

At any rate, I like thee idea and that is what the thread is about right now, if thee idea is good or not. +1 in my book.

First post is awesome

when it comes out we can talk about this kind of stuff. id do it thougth

I’d like to do something like this, but being from outside the US I guess it automatically excludes me :sweat: Oh well, I’ll have to organize something similar myself when it’s out.

To add, Castlevania Judgment wasn’t that bad and was better than Brawl too. Also, while it’s not the same console, Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS was pretty much flawless for me unless someone had a really awful connection.

I think that it was stated by capcom that american users will be able to play those outside of america, the only problems would be if people could not like up at the best times for all, (that might be a problem for east vs west or midwest, just any place with a 2 or better hour time difference) and if people had shitty connections and would not leg it with 3-5 friends to the lan center/cyber hub that may happen to be 2 or so hours away. But that is why I started this now because this game is on the last leg it has for americans to get better, and that is online, so I quote my bro on this one, “HAVE YOU FUCKS SEEN THOSE JAPS PLAY THIS SHIT”. Lets get on that level. For real!!!

Agreed, I wan’t to be at that level myself.

I meant the being part of a regional team thing (I’d surely lag more than someone inside the US). Also, I know 0 people that like fighting games, so no team for me anyways XD

Me and you for team “lagging cuz we don’t live in the states”

But you’re in Japan aren’t you? At least you get way better internet connection than any I can get in this country =(

Monster Hunter 3 has its own severs and I hear the online is great.

It isn’t a matter of the wii not being good with online, but how much work they actually put into it. In Brawl’s case, hardly any time was put into it

as long as the states are pushing out GRAND FINALS vids that look like this: [media=youtube]p6PKI…938770&index=0[/media]

I do not think we should care what the online is like and just be prepared to take this online and run with it because the level of play in that video (and all other Justin Wong and Marn Grand Finals) is well below bad. Just saying that we know that is not high level play in TvC and that is what our “TvC Scene” has produced. Step it up and get hype is all I am saying!!

ay mayne, u gotta hit up the TvC video thread and watch all the vids ll.nd has posted in the last 5 pages. Pure pwnage plain n simple.

edit: read ur post there, u’ve already witnessed their stylin ^_~

Casey, wanna be on team greater Chicagoland?

if it works good illl definalty play it online.

^This!!! If I could +rep you I would. Comming into a thread and posting something positive to the tread. Thank you sir!!!

If online is better than expected, squirrel and I should be team giant. :>

If I still lived in the 949 and not the 904 I would not have made this thread ok?

I can not wait until this game drops and the online is on the level and I can stick it to all the of those people that are too broke to actually buy 66 wii games and actuall have enough common sense to try something out before they say anything.

I can not wait!!!

I got 25 on anyone who want it from cali only cuz of my love loss for the Ivr. and Lag Hills. Damn do I miss home, “Cali is the business and man it is pretty.”

FUCK PTX!!! :lovin::lovin::lovin: