Team Llama: ECC9 Mountain Hiking (War) Journal


It was a fucking shitty weekend, so let me share what happened. Before I start, no this ain’t gonna be no fucking gay fucking 12 page essay like the blastermasterfaster writes after a break weekly. This is a cliff’s notes version of what really went down this weekend.

Sidenote: What I write is the truth, and only the truth. Some may be offended, even though that are my friends, or those that I hate and then later became friends with.

Fri. 1:50pm:
We board plane. Mixup and Spritekillah sit in the window and middle seat on the left side of the aisle. I sit in the middle of a crazy latin bitch and a 99 year-old lady that smelled like defective fried chicken. Worst 2 hours of my life. Didn’t help that before I sat down they were yelling at each other and were about to fight. I buy a $5 beer to help me sleep. Doesn’t help.

4:30pm: We land. We spend an hour trying to find Alex Garvin (2nd place XX). Spend rest of time trying to sleep waiting for Bmorechun and Rob Sigley to pick us up…Waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…7:32pm, we get picked up.

8pm: we enter the break.

11:30pm: Team mvc2 starts.


3:45am: Team mvc2 pauses, starts tomorrow. Plans that took me a month to put together to house 9 people (4 gville, 4 seattle and isaac graham) gets shattered to pieces.

5am: We get rooms at Motel6. Mixup beasts on Seattle and sends them to sleep. I beast Jmar 2-1, put him to sleep indefinitely…little did we know, slick bastards were sandbaggin like fucking bitches.

7am: Can’t sleep. Too nervous. Me spritekilllah and mixup go play in the back of a bronco in the parking lot with dru and phil from CT. DSP can do magnus rom infinite…I am blown away.

2pm: We get to the break.

3:30pm: I shoot New Orleans. Chris Creecy to the rescue.

4:45pm: I shoot Rick Mears. Super high AHVB to the rescue.

5pm: We get hella cheated. Somehow loser’s finals were 1 match. And somehow we weren’t allowed to button switch although the match before that, Rick Mears start storm against me, and then starts sentinel against Jon. Also, Rick started Sentinel against Alex Garvin, but then starts Storm against mixup. Nobody says shit then. But everyone makes a big deal now.

5:15pm: Hella controversy.

6pm: Fuck this shit. Me and spritekillah goes back to hotel.

1am: We wake up to the sound of Wigfall’s new car.

2am: We spend $68 at BK. About 11 of us order. Only 1 guy working. Car behind us about to run us over. BK guy bout to have a hear attack.

3am: Rashaan’s gets stomped by me. Then snaps me out. He’s hella dope.

5am: I go to sleep.

2pm: Dsp beast on me 4-0.

2:12pm: Dsp beasts on me 6-2.


2:43pm: Dsp hands me 10 $20 bills. Dsp’s a good sport. Surprisingly, he’s not that big of an asshole in person.

3pm: Dsp hands mixup 10$20 bills.

4:59pm: My cable gets perfect on commy’s magneto.
5pm: Commy double snaps me out with storm/psy 2x. Puts me in losers.

5:45pm: I have to fight Isaac Graham, the people’s champ. I give up.

5:58pm: The people’s champ gets a perfect on a CT player.

3:30am: TFGM steals $1000 from Justin Wong. For more details, ask TFGM. Basically, Justin paid for hotel rooms for empire. Then won marvel. Then TFGM says, you just won a bunch of money, I don’t have to pay you back. JACKS the champ.

5am: We find Sanford fucking kelly HIGH as shit. Crying about how Justin ran from him 2 sets. Funny funny stuff.

2pm - 7:15pm. Jon Sindel talks like he’s from NYC. with “Son, fuck that, sup son, sup son, yo son, yo son, yea son” every other word.

7:15pm - now. Sleep.

To summarize:

  1. Kuan, Row, Zach and Jmar are dope as shit. LTB was hella cool, until I just found out he joined Empire.
  2. Wigfall’s new car has hella bass.
  3. Justin Wong proves yet again why he’s the world champ. Not only on the game, but off the game. He holds composure and coolness beyond anything I’ve seen. He is without a doubt The One.
  4. DSP is not that gay in person.
  5. TFGM is gayer in person.
  6. Sanford Fucking Kelly is Sanford Fucking Kelly.
  7. The pools for Marvel were fucking retarded.
  8. Philly is the truth.
  9. TFGM is the ultimate theif, Jacking the World Champion $1000.
  10. Team Llama fucking owns Empire for fun because we don’t steal shit from our own members.

Special Thanks:

Bmorechun - Big ups, one of the coolest mofo’s EVER.

Rob Sigley - Hella cool guy, thnx for picking us up.

Team Seattle - For talking to us, and putting us on the map.

Isaac Graham - Rides back and forth, sucking my dick, and peacing me out.

TFGM - For wearing your powerglove, and letting everyone find out first hand what I meant when I said you are hella gay.

Justin Wong - For not letting my hopes and dreams die. For always believing in yourself. And for not letting the haters getting you down.

Soomighty - For beating Justin’s ass.

Rick Mears - For letting me shoot you.

Sporty - For letting me shoot rick and not kicking my ass afterwards.

Shawn Morgan - For showing me that living in Jersey shouldn’t mean you can’t block.

Ed the Head - For giving me money, and then some more money. And being cool as shit.

Team Decepticons - are dope.

Empire - w/o justin/sanford/x = whackest marvel crew in the world.

Team New Orleans - for letting me shoot you on the big screen.

PHi - for running that shit.

WIgfall - picking people up.

Chaz - picking people up.

Law - talking shit in what is THE MOST ANNOYING VOICE OF ALL TIME!!!

Matrix - hustling me

Northface - for the hiking boots.

Real Time…Real Llamas…Real Mountains.


when the passion took over, i knew it was over…


oh yea.

3. Row
4. Jmar
7. Kuan
7. Mixup
9. Jon
17. Isaac

I don’t know what I got but I bet it was 33rd.

MvC2 Teams
1st. Team Llama (Green): Row, Kuan, Jmar
3rd. Team Llama (Pink): Isaac, Me, Jon.
7th. Team Llama (Yellow): Alex G, Moh, Mixon


  1. We didn’t Enter

2. Alex
18. Row


  1. We didn’t enter

I’ll post up more stuff when I remember it.


hey some people told me u post a thread about wanting a money match vs me during ecc and how i was a faggot. well how come u didn’t even say hi to me when i caught you playing on my mas mashing with storm in my motel room, and then leaving immediately once i showed up… lol :lol:


when was this? Oh shit, what that when I was playing with wigfall and jmar? I don’t know what you look like. We’ll play for money at evo fucker.


All i know is that sandbaggin sucks, especially when it’s one of the few times i get to play people.

who the hell is vietkhan anyways?

and justin, where are you!

i wanna see rowtron kick my ass again!


sandbagging is the new problem never pick real team before tourney… pretty soon your sandbag team will be a monster lol


Haha not my fault, they had to move into their hotel room then James had to stop at 7-11 plus he drives like 30 mph and kept letting people get between us =)


im down, whats the wager? im good anywhere from 30-50, not crazy like DSP --> 200 woah


Triforce didn’t jack my money to let every1 know. I simply lend him 1000 for the weekend and he returned it to me after the tourney. So don’t start flaming on TFGM.


mixup where did you go monday morning bro, couldnt find an extra DC i guess eh?


the empire is a fucking scam. all they do is get a bunch of people to play games then take 60% of the winnings. good shit TFGM.



Excuse me, but I believe I need to be on the list of thanks.

You fuckers wouldn’t even know what The Passion is if it wasn’t for me showing Justin what the fuck it is all about during the wee hours of the morning. Beware, because when Justin comes to Evolution, he will have mastered The Crimson Passion of Anticipation. And it will overcome you all. Drop by fiery, moist, unescapable drop.

Now edit that list bitch, or I’m going to have to spare you a couple of my morphine sulfate pills for the bloodlusting frenzy that will be your asshole.


:smiley: :lol:


the passion of the demon.


Niggas still on that shit.


Blaze ya cool in my book. Tall than a muthafucca though. Oh an sorry if me an a drunk bmore had you come verify something…


lol I gotta hear this, but I think my “annoying” voice would be worse.

I can’t wait for the EC vs WC basketball game:
“Thanks Sanford fucking kelley for being the dopest point guard on the court.”-Blazinflo

edit: I have no idea if infact Sanford can ball.


wow, if you’re playing like shit with 200 on the line, and law’s yelling shit behind you, it is THE most annoying shit in the world.