Team Llama ECC9 Video Diary

Row, Kuan, Mixup, Jmar, Zach, Sentinaaalll, Blaziniflo, Spritekillah, Tyranidman.

Featuring Special Guests:
Bryheem, Rick Mears, Julian Robinson, The Passion, Sanford Fucking Kelly, Desmond, Matrix, Shawn Morgan, Ed the Head, New Orleans, JWizzle, Fat Girls, Sporty, Wigfall, The Passion (as Blaziniflo), The Passion (as Justin Wong), DSP, Jetphi, TFGM, random fuckers that got into my camera’s line of sight…like Shamy.

Coming Soon…

i want now ;D

i want too

this is gonna be dope :smiley:

ohh blaze how you gonna leave me out like that:(

Don’t worry, haven’t forgotten about you lincoln. The list I put up is not complete.

This will be 5 volumes. 1-4 will be about 5 min. Vol. 5 will be the grand enchillada with about 10-15 mins of video footage.

Mothafucker…be grateful that I was nice enough to make an apperance at ECC…If I want to block your camera w/my hat…nigga’d better make an adjustment…lol…hopefully, the camera can record Me and Mike’s witty insight on the matches…and the random yelling of Bryheem “Scared Money dont make money”…

sounds good blazin, get it up asap man

there were a lot of fat girls there…i dont really want to see them again

What ever happened to this?

Thread death.